First Drive of the Supercharged 2013 Kenny Brown GT4-S Mustang

With a small break in the Chicago weather, I have been putting some miles on the new supercharged 2013 Kenny Brown GT4-S Mustang automatic and this car is sweet, wicked fast. 

Ladyhawke, the nickname given to this GT4-S example, is incredibly fun to drive. Around town with the traction control on, which I strongly recommend for normal and highway cruising, it moves effortlessly with crisp handling and impeccable manners, using my AGS 4.0 chassis and suspension package as its power foundation.

At part throttle in traffic, you hardly notice the 610 horses under the hood because it's totally civilized except for the staggering break away acceleration. Two clicks on the traction control button and the car goes into sport mode, which still has some traction control, but holy cow! The ass end now lets you know it wants to go hard, spinning the tires and jumping a little sideways on shifts, and you really start to appreciate the raw, but sophisticated power and pure speed.

Now let me have your attention – your FULL attention, because holding down the Traction Control button turns it completely off. OMG – you better have both hands on the steering wheel and give the car 120% of your attention because the beast is now unleashed, and the full Jekyll and Hyde experience is game on.

Even with meaty 305mm Pirelli P-Zero tires on wide 11” Forgeline wheels at the back, the car is a raving tire smoking monster. Warmer temps will definitely give the summer performance tires more grip, but it will always be wicked fast. The real beauty though is how planted and rock solid the GT-4S is at speed, and I’m talking real speed here, but still with inspiring driver confidence.

I have to say that I am really impressed with our first GT4-S and I may be a convert for the automatic version, as around town it is a joy to drive and I can even drink a cup of coffee on a leisurely commute. Plus, the 2013 Mustang has SelectShift, so when you feel a little sporty just throw it in sport mode and shift it yourself with the up and down gear selection button on the shift handle. 

I must say this new Ford automatic transmission is light-years beyond any other that Ford has offered, and well up to the task. With just some mild tuning via the ECU, this transmission really comes to life and does not exhibit the traditional pitfalls or weak links that you would expect. Those die-hard automatic fans will no longer be left in the dust with this new gear box. Although we expect the majority of our GT4-S Mustangs to be built with manual transmissions, the automatic is sure to please even the most discerning customer.

The car is almost ready to turn over to its owners and we just need to make a few more small adjustments to the engine calibration. Vortech only has a “plug and play” calibration for the manual 5.0L Mustang, so we have had to do our own development work to build an automatic transmission calibration, and my team has performed a really good job.

The GT4-S is an awesome, AWESOME package and one I am really proud to have my name on. You need to get one of these for your stable. Click here to learn more about this new Super Mustang.



Way to go kenny it looks awesome and I know ladyhawk is thrilled ... Awesome