Ruby's Fast and Fun Media Weekend at "The Autobahn"

Q:  How Do You Blow Away Magazine Editors?

A:  Have them drive Ruby, Kenny Brown’s GT4-RS Mustang!

Many of you may know that editors can be a fickle bunch as they can be a little stingy with accolades and praises about the cars and products they test. 

Fortunately we have never had that issue with the editors that have driven Kenny Brown Mustangs, in fact quite the inverse. A recent media weekend event at the Autobahn Country Club was no exception as once again a Kenny Brown Mustang not only hit a homerun with editors, but knocked the cover off the ball! 

Not even the chilly and windy weather during the weekend could cool off Ruby as she was the hot ticket. We had a great time driving with some of our favorite editors fighting to take turns in Ruby that included: Evan Smith (Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords), Jim Campisano (Editorial Director at Source Interlink), Jeff Smith (Car Craft), and the production crew from Power Automedia and StangTV. A fun time was had by all and it was really special to have such a great collection of media guys together on the same weekend, which is a rarity these days.

I know first-hand that Ruby my personal GT4-RS Mustang offers an extraordinary driving experience, but it was very rewarding to hear some of the industry's experts mirror my thoughts and delight in their excitement. Evan Smith loved the car and probably drove it more than anyone that weekend, so much so that he is writing a feature story on Ruby for an upcoming issue of Muscle Mustangs magazine. For the “glamour” shots, Ruby was looking hot and sexy, she loves the camera and the camera loves her. We’ll be sure to let you know when the article is released

Jim Campisano climbed out after his first drive and declared the GT4-RS Mustang, "classic Kenny Brown".  Jim is the past editor-in-chief of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, and is now Editorial Director over several Source Interlink magazines. Jim was also the first editor from MM&FF that I trained in the art of on-track driving, and since he has spent time behind the wheel of many Kenny Brown Mustangs since. I also trained Evan Smith the next editor at MM&FF and over the years would train more editors in the finer points of on-track driving. 

The most pleasant surprise of the weekend was Jeff Smith from Car Craft magazine, and as those who follow the industry know, Jeff is a hard core Chevy guy and just getting him into a Mustang was challenging. However, not nearly as much of a challenge as trying to get him out of the GT4-RS as he didn’t want to give her up. After several sessions behind the wheel we finally persuaded him to let someone else give her a go and he declared Ruby, "The best handling car I have ever driven". That is a pretty stout endorsement of the GT4-RS package and the GT-4 AGS 4.0 Suspension from a die-hard Chevy guy.

The crew from Power Automedia and StangTV were there for the weekend, and although they declined to drive, they spent time riding along with me. Just like the other editors, they were blown away at the track competence and prowess of my GT4-RS Mustang, so much so they went back to California to produce this really cool video and article about their experience.

This was a great weekend and spending time in and out of the car with some friends in the media was a lot of fun for me. Our whole crew and Ruby performed at their peak all weekend, and there was a lot of satisfaction for me for developing what we can safely say is a "critically acclaimed" high-performance Mustang package and possibly the most refined Mustang on the market. Congratulations to the whole team and all the editors who enjoyed a safe, fast and fun weekend at The Autobahn Country Club.

We really enjoy The Autobahn Country Club and for those who haven’t been following us, this state of the art facility is an exclusive motorsports country club just south of Chicago in Joliet, IL.  I performed most of the initial development on Ruby, my GT4-RS super-performance Mustang at Autobahn that's why we refer to her as “The Autobahn Edition”.