Kenny Brown Releases 2015 GT3 Mustang Concept Vehicles

Kenny Brown, noted performance car tuner has released renderings of his 2015 Mustang GT3 Concept for road, track days or race. Kenny’s GT3 Mustang Concept is a breathtakingly bold, no-holds barred, visceral vision of the future that embraces all that is expected of a Kenny Brown Mustang

Kenny Brown’s racing background becomes immediately obvious from the aggressive stance, wide track, and trademark "form over function" aero treatment. The visual cues of the Kenny Brown GT3 Concepts give a strong sense of powering forward even when standing still giving way to Brown's leading-edge design of Mustangs. 

Brown worked closely with Jim Gerdom, talented automotive designer, artist and proprietor of the Design Factory in developing both of the Kenny Brown GT3 Mustang Concepts. 

According to Brown “Should there be interest, the Kenny Brown GT3 Mustang Concept will be a formable no compromise driver’s car for road, track days or racing and a fantastic showcase for our products and capabilities." Brown continues, “With the intent of the new Mustang to be a "World Car" and the continuing growth of GT3 versions of the World’s best sports cars, a GT3 Mustang Concept seems contemporary and a natural progression.” 

Building from the Kenny Brown heritage and pedigree, the GT3 Concept seems a natural evolution from the current Kenny Brown GT4 Series of high-performance Mustangs. Brown has distinguished himself as the only aftermarket Mustang builder that actually re-engineers and re-tunes the chassis, suspension and braking with unique components rather than just bolting on parts from a catalogue. 

See attached Concept Drawings of the Kenny Brown GT3 Mustang for spirited road and track day performance and the Kenny Brown GT3R for race and serious track day performance. 

About Kenny Brown Mustangs

The hallmark of Kenny Brown Mustangs is a balance package with phenomenal handling and great ride characteristics combined with sensational stopping power and solid seat of the pants performance exuding outstanding driver confidence. Each Kenny Brown Mustang is as unique as its owner as each vehicle is tailored to each individual's driving application, needs and budget. 

Brown’s current GT4 Series Mustangs are the fourth generation of legendary Kenny Brown Mustangs with the first generation starting back in the late '80's with the Saleen Escort racing program where Brown engineered and managed the championship Saleen race cars from start-up to four national championships within two years. The current Mustangs feature the fourth generation of his renowned Advanced Geometry Suspension system, AGS 4.0. Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustang conversions are available for 2011-2014 Mustangs and include the GT4 (Sport Touring), GT4-S (Supercharged), GT4-CS (Club Sport) and top of the range GT4-RS (Track Sport). 

About Kenny Brown

Kenny Brown, a 25 year veteran in the Mustang performance aftermarket, is legendary for building some of the most technically advanced Ford Mustangs inNorth America. His critically-acclaimed AGS (Advanced Geometry Suspension) high performance suspension components for street and track-day Mustangs are some of the best and most innovative in the aftermarket. Kenny is a well-known celebrity in the Ford aftermarket and has played a critical role in Mustang racing heritage and new product development since 1986.


2015 Designs

Loved both designs in 5.0 Mustang and fast Ford Mag. Please do one of the 20215 Convertible Paul