Kenny's Modern Mustang Power Foundation

The #1 rule I follow when building the ultimate track car, or warmed-up every day driver for that matter, is there is more speed in the chassis than in the engine and a good handling chassis trumps a big motor every time. Before you start working on the engine or adding lots of power, build your performance foundation first.

The foundation consists of four elements - chassis, suspension, wheels, tires and brakes. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to add a bunch of extra power, when you're not using all the power you currently have.

Kenny's Choice For Mustang Chassis Support:

  • Extreme Matrix Kit
    • Super Subframe Connectors
    • Extreme Matrix Brace
    • Jacking Rails
  • Strut Tower Brace
  • Rear Shock Tower Brace
  • Super Street Cage

It all starts with the chassis. Whether you are building a skyscraper or high-performance car, having a solid foundation is critical to achieving your best result. In a skyscraper it's bedrock, in a high-performance car it's the chassis. In racing we go to great lengths to make the frame as rigid as possible because we don't want the frame to flex and be a variable. The chassis needs to be ridged and suspension needs to do the moving - Ever seen all those triangulated cross bars in race cars?

Short of adding a full-blown roll cage, I have developed a very comprehensive chassis support system that goes a long way to stiffening up the chassis. Incidentally, a stiff chassis does not mean a stiff ride. Quite the opposite -- stiffening your chassis dramatically improves you ride quality!

The heart and soul of modern Mustang chassis support is the Extreme Matrix Kit which consists of the SuperSub Subframe Connectors, Jacking Rails and the Extreme Matrix Brace. The subframe connectors tie the front and rear subframes together, the Jacking Rails (very handy when jacking up lowered cars) run along the outer rocker pinch-weld and the Extreme Matrix brace connects the two with 4 full triangulations per side. (Remember that triangulation is the lightest and strongest engineering structure). The Extreme Matrix system basically puts a mini-frame under the center of your car.

The three-point Heavy-Duty Strut Tower Brace triangulates the engine bay and helps cornering and torque loads spread more evenly across the front of the car and into the main body structure. The rear Heavy-Duty Shock Tower Brace, again triangulated, helps reduce twisting at the back of your car.

Our famous Super Street Cage is the crowning jewel of the chassis support system. The primary function of the Street Cage is as an "inner skeleton" to fortify the inside of the main body section. The Street Cage consists of a robust B-pillar main hoop, rearward running C-pillar support braces and low (for easy access) forward running braces.

Whether I'm building a hot track car or just a mildly hopped up daily-driver, the #1 rule is always the same, the more performance you want the better and more complete your performance foundation needs to be. This is a simple rule that needs to be at the forefront of your mindset when building any track car, daily driver or anything in between. I have proven time and time again that quickness on the track is all about balance and grip, not having big power, and what works on the track can also work on the street.