The Best Pre-Engineered Mustang Performance Shock Package Ever Designed!


KB/Eibach Street-Sport Spring and Shock Package For 2005–2014 Mustang, Shelby GT500 and Boss 302

After several meetings reviewing the shock dyno information I have collected over the years and what I like to see for my preferred spring rates and shock valving, Eibach thought it made sense and we developed a custom set for me to test. I’m happy to report that I liked them. In fact, I liked them a lot and it's just what I was looking for in a street high-performance set-up. So… We are happy to announce the new Kenny Brown Street-Sport Spring and Shock Package for 2005–2014 Mustang, Shelby GT500 and Boss 302.

In all the years I have been building Mustangs I have developed my own exact set of specifications for making Mustangs handle extremely well, plus feel really good to drive. 

Eibach has gotten it right in this new package they are custom building for me. Higher rate sport springs and great shock dampening equals great handling, great ride quality and a great value with plenty of SPM’s (Smiles per Mile). By great ride I don’t mean a squishy floaty OE type ride, I mean a very sporty and firm, but not harsh - The kind of solid handling that connects you to the road, giving you greater driving confidence and control. Plus the New Kenny Brown Street/Sport spring and shock package is fully track capable for those who want to really enjoy the performance of their cars at a track day.   

To improve your driving experience - the shocks are pre-adjusted to my specs so there is no adjustment required, except for ride height. I’ve done all the engineering and testing so all you have to do is put them on a drive. This is a ride-height adjustable set up so you can chose the ride height that works best for you - Low and sinister or not quite so low to clear driveway inclines or those nasty speed bumps, it's your choice.

This is not an off-the-shelf product from Eibach either, and they build them to order just for me, so they're only available through Kenny Brown Performance or authorized dealers. The new Kenny Brown Street-Sport Spring and Shock Package is a great value at just $1,795, but this is such a great upgrade that I’m really excited about, so for a limited time and just for our Speed Secrets Subscribers… I'm going to offer you a introductory special $150 off coupon and reduce your cost to $1,645. The only thing I’m asking is - Tell your friends about how good this package is, and help us spread the word.  Like I said, this a great package with superior handling, and great ride at the best price and value!  

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