Who Knew You Could Learn Vehicle Dynamics in the Grocery Store?

I had an interesting experience in the grocery store the other day that proved to be a lesson in vehicle dynamics.  There was a sale on bottled water and when I arrived in the water aisle I discovered the cases were bonus cases, 28 bottles rather than 24. My lucky day.

I already had a few items in the cart so I pushed them to the back and dropped in the first case at the front.  It was so long it had to go in at an angle, then dropped the other case on top of it at an opposing angle.

As soon as I started to push the cart it took a lot of grunt to get it going. When I got to the end of the aisle and tried to turn – nothing. It “pushed like a dump truck” as they say. I tried and tried to get the front to turn, what a chore.

It was easier to slide the back around rather than turning the front. Then I thought what I had was a stock Mustang, heavy lump in the front and a light rear end with fixed wheels. Power sliding the back around corners looked and felt cool but it wasn’t quick and was a wear out.

It is an experiment you can try yourself. Put a couple of cases of water in the front of a shopping cart and try to turn it, then move the water to the back of the cart and see how it feels.  Think of the cart with the water in the front as a stock Mustang (or an even heavier a GT500) and the water in the back as a Kenny Brown Mustang with my Advanced Geometry Suspension system (AGS 4.0).

I hear you saying - wait just a minute, you can’t tell me that a Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 suspension takes the engine and moves it to the trunk.  Well technically no, but in theory, …sort of. 

The key to this in AGS is the “G”, geometry. I completely reengineer all the suspension geometry parameters to adjust and manage how the mass of the car (including the engine) acts in dive, pitch and roll on the tires (that connect you to the pavement) through driving, braking and turning events.

With my geometry improvements working in concert with my specific spring rates and shock dampening, the “mass” of the car feels and drives like it has moved rearwards.

This is why Mustangs with my AGS 4.0 just feel so darn good to drive on the street or track, and will out brake, out corner and out handle any other Mustang suspension out there. Because I actually change how the suspension works by adjusting the suspension geometry; not just slap on some off the shelf springs, shocks and maybe control arms.

Now, go grab a shopping cart and a couple cases of water and be your own vehicle dynamics engineer. And, if you make a video of your experiment we'd love to see it! Post it on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kenny.brown.performance