Coffee Shop

February 6, 2014

Who Knew You Could Learn Vehicle Dynamics in the Grocery Store?

I had an interesting experience in the grocery store the other day that proved to be a lesson in vehicle dynamics.  There was a sale on bottled water and when I arrived in the water aisle I discovered the cases were bonus cases, 28 bottles rather than 24. My lucky day.

September 17, 2013

Kenny Answers Questions About The Original Saleen Racing Mustang

Q:  I am trying to reach Mr. Brown to clear up a few things, I am in the Saleen Club of America and we are currently having a debate about Mr. Brown's time with the Saleen Race team back when they were in the Saleen/Escort Championship. We were discussing your modifications you made to Saleen 1986 19R and 29R during that race season. We were curious about what sort of "tricks" you had incorporated into the suspension geometry/brake system (if any).