Product Tech

January 24, 2011

Kenny Tests: The H&R RSS Coil Over Suspension Kit for S-197 Mustang (‘05+)

The H&R RSS Mustang Coil Over Suspension Kit - First Class Stuff!

A good spring and shock package is critical to maximize performance, handling and grip. The trick is to come up with enough spring rate to support the chassis and enough shock rate to control motion – all without being so firm that the car skips across the bumps or bounces your fillings out.

January 24, 2011

“Ask Kenny” A New Tech Series from Kenny Brown

We are receiving literally hundreds of tech questions via email. It is getting extremely difficult for us to answer each one. So we are grouping similar tech questions into categories so Kenny can give you his thoughts on the subject then post them for all to read. So send your tech questions to and remember to sign up for the Kenny Brown newsletter to get all the latest new products and information from Kenny Brown.

January 24, 2011

Ask Kenny – Brake Ducts

I see you have some new products! I've been looking for a good brake duct kit and have a few questions on yours. The photo on the web site only shows the plate that attaches to the spindle. Are hoses and some kind of brackets for mounting the inlet end of the hose included in the kit too? If not, what size hose is needed? One brake engineer told me it's not the greatest idea to completely close off the eye of the rotor unless there's at least a 4inch hose supplying air.

January 24, 2011

Kenny Talks Tech: Cobra IRS Rear Steer Kit for ’99 – ’04 Cobras

Why a Rear Steer Kit for ’99 – ’04 Mustang Cobras? Simple. To help correct rear steering geometry issues in lowered Cobras.
This all started in October of ’99 when I was fortunate enough to be invited to Road Atlanta by Ford Racing for the media preview and test drive of the Ford Racing FR500 Mustang prior to its unveiling at SEMA.