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December 4, 2013

Kenny Brown Releases 2015 GT3 Mustang Concept Vehicles

Kenny Brown, noted performance car tuner has released renderings of his 2015 Mustang GT3 Concept for road, track days or race. Kenny’s GT3 Mustang Concept is a breathtakingly bold, no-holds barred, visceral vision of the future that embraces all that is expected of a Kenny Brown Mustang

August 19, 2013

Ruby's Fast and Fun Media Weekend at "The Autobahn"

Q:  How Do You Blow Away Magazine Editors?

A:  Have them drive Ruby, Kenny Brown’s GT4-RS Mustang!

Many of you may know that editors can be a fickle bunch as they can be a little stingy with accolades and praises about the cars and products they test. 

December 3, 2012

First Drive of the Supercharged 2013 Kenny Brown GT4-S Mustang

With a small break in the Chicago weather, I have been putting some miles on the new supercharged 2013 Kenny Brown GT4-S Mustang automatic and this car is sweet, wicked fast. 

June 11, 2012

Notes from the Field -- 2012/13 KB GT-4 CS/RS Mustang

Sebring Test 06/26-27/12

June 11, 2012

Notes from the Field -- 2012/13 KB GT-4 CS/RS Mustang

Autobahn Test 05/18-20/12

We recently had a really good 3-day test of my emerging GT-4RS Mustang performance package at Autobahn.  Our continual development program for the 2012/13 KB GT-4 Series Mustangs is providing valuable data, upgrades, new products, and components for our current and future customer cars.  Combine that with the technology transfer we have with the Paul Brown/Tiger Racing team in the Pirelli World Challenge series, and we are positioned to build the best track-day Mustangs this generation has ever seen.

November 22, 2011

Kenny's Great Christmas Idea - The Gift Of Art, Really COOL Automotive Art!

Jim Gerdom is a long-time friend of mine that has two passions, art and cars with a heavy bias toward Mustangs and is arguably an icon in his own little niche.  Over the years he has produced countless Mustang prints and quality lithographs, all of which I encourage you to view, and hopefully purchase.  Jim recently had some health issues from which he is recovering nicely, although like every other artist he could use a few more art sales.

May 10, 2011

Kenny Brown CSR-69 SEMA Mustang Concept car to be Auctioned at Mecum Spring Classic Collector Car Auction in Indianapolis, May 20, 2011

In every car guy's life there comes a time, when it's time. Time to render the care and custody of a beloved stallion to another equally enthusiastic, and passionate car guy.  One who shares the same love for a beautiful and unique performance car, as I do.

That time has come for my beloved Kenny Brown CSR-69 Concept Mustang, which I built for the 2005 SEMA trade show.  This has been a great horse and its stunning retro styling has proven to be an absolute people and camera magnet wherever it appears - not to mention is a fantastic car to drive.