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Kenny Brown Releases 2012 Performance Chassis and Suspension Catalog for 1979–2013 Mustang, Cobra, and GT500

Wauconda, IL --  Kenny Brown Performance recently released their performance chassis and suspension catalog for 1979-2013 Mustangs.  The new 2012 catalog is packed full with Kenny's newest arsenal of products for the S197 Mustang, including his critically-acclaimed AGS 4.0 Suspension System.  You'll also find a host of good stuff that has been reintroduced and is now back in production for the older 1979-2004 Mustang and SVT Cobra.
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Lucy and Kenny Brown Head Out On a Classic American Road Trip

If you're a fan of driving and road trips, chances are pretty good that you've heard of Route 66 or the Mother Road. Today, most travelers stick to the modern interstate highway system when faced with long road trips. But people who own and drive Kenny Brown-equipped vehicles are not “most travelers”. Enthusiasts prefer to take the road less traveled whenever possible. This is precisely what drives two such people, H.A. McCarthy (Mac) and his fellow road warrior, Mary O'Keeffe Tischler and their car, “Lucy”.
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Is The Shelby GT500 Kenny's NEW Cobra R? - Kenny Brown Puts His "Magic Touch" on Shelby GT500's With NEW GT-4 Suspension System

The other day someone asked me, "Is the Shelby GT500 your new Cobra R?"…  After some reflection, the comment did resonate with me in fact it remind me of 2003 and 2004, when around 200 Cobra R race cars started showing up at my door.  That’s about the time Cobra-R owners serious about track-days and racing were surpassing the capabilities of their cars and wanted to go to the next level. 
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Kenny's Great Christmas Idea - The Gift Of Art, Really COOL Automotive Art!

Jim Gerdom is a long-time friend of mine that has two passions, art and cars with a heavy bias toward Mustangs and is arguably an icon in his own little niche.  Over the years he has produced countless Mustang prints and quality lithographs, all of which I encourage you to view, and hopefully purchase.  Jim recently had some health issues from which he is recovering nicely, although like every other artist he could use a few more art sales.
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NEW Kenny Brown GT-4T Mustang is huge hit at 2011 SEMA Trade Show

Wauconda, IL -- Kenny Brown unloaded the his latest creation, the GT-4T Mustang dubbed "Mango Tango" at the 2011 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas where it was featured in the Dynapack Dyno booth.  During an interview at the show, Kenny stated the reason he named his latest creation Mango Tango is because “It takes two to tango, and Mango Tango with two turbochargers, tangos very well.”  "Mango Tango" GT-4T Mustang and other SEMA introduction highlights:

Kenny and Mango Tango as featured on Power TV

Kenny educates Jessica Barton on the new Kenny Brown GT-4T Mustang at the 2011 SEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV

Ford Racing music video from the SEMA show

Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin tear up the short drift course at the 2011 SEMA show.

Kenny Brown on Power TV

Kenny tells Jessica Barton all about his new GT-4T Mustang and the GT-4 suspension system.

Kenny Brown interviews with Steven Valline of

Kenny talks tech on his new GT-4T Mustang and the evolution of AGS suspension design.
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NEW Kenny Brown GT-4T Mustang to be featured in the Dynapack Dyno Exhibit at 2011 SEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas

Wauconda, IL -- Kenny Brown is once again taking his latest creation, the GT-4T Mustang dubbed "Mango Tango", on the road again.  The vehicle's next stop will be Las Vegas where it will be featured in the Dynapack Dyno booth (24801) at the 2011 SEMA Trade Show on November 1-4.