"Kenny Brown Mustangs are back – with a vengeance!  Whether it's Spirited Touring, Performance Street, Track Day or Full Competition - Nothing Comes Close.  With Incredible Performance, Superior Handling, Unparalleled Driver Confidence and a Fantastic Driving Experience – Kenny Brown Mustangs truly are, Best in Class"…  Paul Brown, 2011 Pirelli World Challenge Champion

I’m back building best-in-class Mustangs again and it feels great!  The 2013-2014 GT-4 Series is the fourth generation of high-performance Kenny Brown Mustangs, whose DNA goes all the way back to the 1986-1987 Saleen-R race cars I engineered, built and directed to win four National Championships in endurance sports car racing. 

The latest S-197 Mustang with the awesome 5.0L Coyote engine has given me an outstanding platform to work my magic.  This past season we have spent time at a variety of tracks around the country and burning up the highways developing, testing and validating the different components and packages for my 2013-2014 GT-4 Series Mustangs.  As always, all my cars have base package content with an extensive option list to choose from to make your Kenny Brown Mustang your very own.  And, as in the past, each is custom, hand crafted and bespoke to your individual needs, desires and budget.  My Fourth Gen Mustangs are great cars.

The GT4 nomenclature comes from my racing roots, and the GT-4 class in international FIA sports car racing designates production-based cars modified for racing that retain the original OEM architecture.  In the case of the GT4 Series Mustangs, we retain the OEM architecture, but in my typical fashion make significant upgrades and improvements to offer the best driving and performing cars you will ever experience.

All Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustangs are custom built to order specifically for you, and tailored to reflect your individual needs, objectives, budget and driving ambitions.  Kenny Brown Mustangs are the absolute "Best in Class" and have been critically acclaimed by industry insiders, media and customers alike for over 25 years.  We build our specialty Mustangs from the driver seat out, and they are true "driver’s cars", so you have no hassle and no drama, just incredible handling, razor sharp cornering,  eye ball popping brake, impeccable manners and pure driving pleasure.  When it comes to superior high-performance Mustangs for street, sport or track - Nobody Does It Better!

Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustang conversions are available for any 2011-2014 Mustang GT’s with the 5.0L Coyote engine, BOSS Mustangs and Shelby GT500’s.  Special versions of the GT4 Series are also available for 2011 and newer V-6 Mustangs.

Give us a call at 317.396.2768 or drop us an email at info@KennyBrown.com to get rolling on your specialty GT4 Series Mustang today!

Kenny Brown


Street Performance You Can Take to the Track

Kenny Brown GT4 Mustang

  • A fantastic and sporty daily driver
  • Similar performance to a BOSS 302, with more creature comforts
  • Plenty of added performance to up the fun factor and not break the budget
  • Available for V8 and V6 Mustangs
  • Designed to be track capable, right off the street


Bold, Blown and Wicked Fast

Kenny Brown GT4-S Mustang

  • 650 Nail You to the Seat Horsepower
  • 650hp Supercharged 5.0L 4V TiVCT Coyote Engine
  • Remarkable, well-balanced, yet "wicked fast"
  • GT4-S Performance Package
  • Designed to complement and support massive power
  • Incredible power that's remarkable with unbelievable acceleration
  • Civilized in day to day driving
  • Special version available for 2013/14 GT’s with SelectShift automatic


Track Performance You Can Take to the Street

Kenny Brown GT4-CS Mustang

  • Designed as a dual purpose super-performing Mustang
  • Drive it to the track, drive it on track, and drive it home
  • Excellent Track Day and Motorsports Country Club car
  • 445hp 5.0L 4V TiVCT Coyote Engine, optional 495hp available
  • GT4 Club Sport Performance Package
  • Tailored for the “Gentleman Driver”
  • Enough creature comforts to support a premium driving experience


Extraordinary Track Car Just Short of Full Race

Kenny Brown GT4-RS Mustang

  • Ultimate Max-Performance
  • For Track Day and Country Club Enthusiasts
  • 495hp 5.0 4V TiVCT Coyote Engine
  • Impressive 7.2:1 Power to Weight Ratio
  • More cost effective option to the Porsche GT3-RS
  • GT4 Track Sport Performance Package
  • Tailored to Dominate the Race Track

Designed Specifically for the Country Club Member

Kenny Brown Autobahn Edition Mustangs

  • Special Edition for Autobahn Motorsports Country Club option for the GT4 CS and RS
  • Track Tuned and specially equipped for the Autobahn Country Club