Kenny Brown Mustangs are Back for 2009!



The good news is Kenny Brown Mustangs, heralded by the media, industry insiders and clients alike for over 20 years, are back for 2009. The bad news is that availability will be very limited. Kenny’s not ready to go full bore, but he’s ready to build a few special cars and get back to the track.

So, in 2009 there will be just a handful of really lucky guys with one of Kenny’s new Mustangs and the experience of working with Kenny directly. Each 2009 Kenny Brown Mustang will be custom built to order and each will be a prized Signature Series Mustang. Kenny will offer Three Classes of Performance with base packages for you to choose from to build your very own Custom Kenny Brown Mustang alongside Kenny. The program is first you choose the Class of Kenny Brown Performance you want:



High Performance Street Cars You Can Take To The Track

High Performance Track Cars You Can Take On The Street

Pure Max-Performance Track Cars You Can Take Care of Business!





Then Kenny works exclusively with you to engineer and content the base package to suit your needs, use and budget. Kenny makes sure all the engineering and all the mechanical bits are right for your skill set and use, and you help choose the level of esthetics, ergonomics, and choice of some suppliers to make it your own. When it’s done, Kenny gives you the heart of the beast, but the soul is all Kenny Brown.

Who is this very exclusive program for? Well if your idea of fun is a day smelling carnauba wax and polishing your pride and joy at a Show & Shine; Shelby, Roush and Saleen have some really nice cars you should consider. But if you like spanking Porches and Corvettes at track day events or carving through twisty canyon roads like a hot knife through butter, you’re a Kenny Brown kind of Mustang guy. Kenny’s Mustangs are Manly Mustangs that are meant to be driven and driven hard, not worshiped like an idol! Kenny Brown Mustangs are easy to drive and easy to drive fast!

Are you a one-of-one kind, kind of performance Guy? Then have Kenny Brown build you a very personal One-of-One Custom Performance Mustang, because you know it will be just right for you, and you’re worth it. Want to get in on this exclusive program, then don’t delay, shoot Kenny an e-mail today at and let him know what your thoughts, expectations and needs are! Remember availability is very limited.