Mango Tango the New Kenny Brown GT-4T Mustang

Kenny Brown Mustangs are back in 2012!

Delivering you the best Power, Performance and Driving Pleasure

Kenny Brown GT-4T Mustang

The first new Kenny Brown Mustang prototype to break cover is "Mango Tango", an awesome 550hp 4.6L 3V mango orange convertible.  Mango Tango introduces Kenny’s new 4.6L BiTurbo package boosting the V-8’s power a whopping 90% and our latest Gen-IV Best in Class AGS 4.0 (Advanced Geometry Suspension system), a complete performance suspension solution for 2001-2012 Mustangs.  Kenny’s new 2012 GT-4T conversion package is available for all 2005-2012 Mustang GT’s.  The GT-4T conversion features Kenny’s BiTurbo system and his critically acclaimed GT-4/AGS 4.0 suspension system for supreme power and grip.  Add to that a host of additional upgrades and components consistent with the style of Kenny Brown that has made his Mustangs "Best in Class" for the past 25 years.  A full range of Kenny Brown Mustangs will be available for 2012 ranging from fun and spirited Sport Touring Mustangs, all the way up to the incredible 650 hp Coyote 5.0 Biturbo GT-4T and full race GT-4R.


Kenny is introducing his new 550hp BiTurbo package for 2005-2010 Mustangs with the 4.6L 3V V-8 engine on Mango Tango.   What makes Kenny’s BiTurbo unique is it is designed and engineered specifically for Performance Street and Track driving.  Kenny specified using two small ball bearing turbos mounted on the exhaust manifold (as close as possible to the exhaust valves).  This keeps the added weight of the Turbos behind the front axle center-line and low in the chassis for better weight distribution, leaving only the aluminum air-to-air intercooler in front of the front axle.  The size of the turbos and the ball bearings lets them spool up very quickly.  The 10 pounds of boost is smooth, linear, all in by 4,000 rpms and adds a whopping 90% increase in power.  The Kenny Brown 4.6L Biturbo kit will be available in spring 2012 and the 5.0L Coyote BiTurbo kit available summer 2012.

Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Suspension for 2005 – 2012 Mustangs

The Evolution of Intelligent Design
Kenny Brown's next generation (Gen-IV) of renowned Advanced Geometry Suspension Systems – AGS 4.0, the complete performance suspension solution for the 2005-2012 Mustangs.  Kenny’s AGS system was originally introduced back in 1987 on the heralded Championship Saleen-R Racing Mustangs and Kenny has worked to continually improved and evolved the AGS system to where it is today.  Each AGS suspension generation builds on the success, experience and results of the prior generation, continually improving and moving the bar up on handling, grip, braking, and especially driver confidence.  No one else in the performance aftermarket gives you the level of performance, heritage, development, experience and success as Kenny Brown AGS Suspension Systems – the complete performance suspension solution.  AND Kenny Brown still provides the BEST technical support in the industry.

2007 Mustang GT-4T 4.6L 3V BiTurbo Convertible

2012 GT-4T (Base 2007 Mustang GT-4T 4.6L 3V BiTurbo Convertible)




  • 550hp 4.6L 3V BiTurbo
  • Twin Turbo manifold mount
  • Air-To-Air Intercooler


  • High-flow throaty mufflers


  • Sport Calibrated OE Automatic


  • HD aluminum radiator

Chassis Support

  • KB 2-point strut tower brace
  • KB lower chassis load brace
  • KB Jacking Rails
  • Matrix Brace
  • Sport Rally Bar


  • KB Light-weight tubular control arm module
  • KB/H&R Street/Sport ride height adjustable coil-over struts & springs


  • KB Adjustable Street Sport lower control arms
  • KB Anti-Squat Traction Brackets
  • KB U-Link adjustable upper control arm module w/revised geometry
  • KB Rear Roll Center Adjustment Kit
  • Street Sport Panhard bar
  • KB/H&R Street/Sport ride height adjustable coil-over shocks & springs


  • Weld - Lightweight forged aluminum racing wheels
    • 18”x10 ”f, 18”x 11” r
  • Max-performance Tires 275/35 f, 295/35 r


  • Front - Baer Pro Plus 6-piston calipers
    • 14” ventilated front rotors upgrade
  • High temperature brake fluid
  • KB Front brake cooling ducts (fascia to spindle)


  • Front aid dam
  • Heat extracting lightweight fiberglass hood


  • Driver’s Left foot dead pedal
  • Sport Seats
  • Rally Sport style Harnesses


  • Dash production plaque
  • Special exterior GT-4T graphics package
  • Log Book, set-up, history & maintenance info

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