Kenny Brown Owner's Registry

Congratulations for being the owner of an authentic and genuine Kenny Brown Performance Vehicle.  Over the years we have built thousands of Mustangs and clearly that has been our primary claim to fame.  Many of those Mustangs proudly carry a unique serial number to verify the authenticity, as do all Kenny Brown Performance and Specialty Vehicles.  In the mid-90's Kenny Brown branched out and started manufacturing several other specialty vehicles mostly based on Ford's product offerings.  Today there are now hundreds of these serialized vehicles scattered across the globe and the owner's registry is our platform to bring all of these vehicles and their owners together into an 'official" owner's group.  Below is a list of the different serialized vehicle types manufactured by Kenny Brown.

Kenny Brown Mustang -- Street and Race

Kenny Brown Explorer, Mountaineer, and Aviator

Kenny Brown Expedition

Kenny Brown Crown Victoria (AKA "Panther")

Kenny Brown Marauder S

Kenny Brown Thunderbird

Kenny Brown Taurus SHO

Registered Vehicles

Mark A. Keiser
Cobra Longblock; 8.5:1 compression
Vortech T2SQ Centrifugal Supercharger
Water-to-Air Aftercooler
Vortech 'Mondo' Bypass Valve
39# PSI Ford Motorsport Injectors
Walboro Fuel Pump
AirRaid Renewable Air Filter
Reinhart 'Crossover' Cylinder Block Cooling
180-degree Ford thermostat
Kenny Brown Engine Oil Cooler
2003 Mercury Marauder 'S'
Robert Smith
Roll Bar
Racing Seats
Car Supposedly Came from KB w/SN95 currently not on car
90 Mustang LX
Chris Cartwright
Kenny Brown Performance Package
Reinhart Transmission and dyno tune
2003 Mercury Marauder
Scott DeLodder
Vortec Supercharged; KB tuned suspension; Extreme chassis sys.
Brembo 4pis.; 18x9.5 Cobra R's; Michelin Pilots; Boost&fuel gauges
KB graphics; 21/2" bassini exhaust
2001 Ford Mustang Cobra
George Geier
Kenny Brown Suspension and Rear Wing
Engine Modification
2001 Mustang Cobra
Jeff Jacobucci
SWB 001
1969 Street Boss 302
T-5 5 speed Transmition
Vortech Supercharger
Short Wheelbase Thunderbird
Russ Hamilton
Eibock springs
Bilsten shocks
sub frame conectors
steering box brace
strut tower brace
6 point street cage
Cobra front brakes
Ricaro seats
4.6 Cobra block bored to 289
SVO SOHC heads
1996 Thunderbird
Stephen Malcom
2001 Kenny Brown Level 5 suspension + engine and extras
1995 Cobra R
Greg and Kim Richardson
Kenny's signature
P2 Panther
Steve Hughes
Kenny Brown Marauder S Performance Package
04 Mercury Marauder S
Terry G. Rosenkoetter
Kenny Brown Touring Suspension
Flowmaster Exhaust
C&L Cold Air Kit
Schroth Racing Harnesses
Hurst Short-Throw Shifter
StopTech ST-40 Big Brake Upgrade 355mm, Ducted
Kazara 18” Wheels
B.F.Goodrich G-Force KDW Tires 275-35-ZR-18
2005 Mustang GT Premium
Dennis Moergen
KB Cobra Performance Package, Magna Flo High Flow Cat Back And X Pipe Exhaust System, KNN FIPK cold air, Bilstein Shocks and Struts, Coil Over Conversion, Rear Sport Springs, Poly-Urethane Sway Bar Bushings, Caster Plus, Strut Tower Brace, Rear Shock Tower Brace,Rear Street Kit, Lower Chassis Brace, Extreme Matrix Sub-Frame System, Short Throw Shifter, 18" Black Chrome Cobra R Wheels, Pirelli Tires, Graphics Package Serial Badging, Braided Steel Brake Lines.
`Whipple Cobra Supercharger
2004 Cobra
Andy C.
The full P2 package with Brembo brakes and 3.55 LS Diff.
P2 Panther
Wayne Jones
performance rate springs
specially valved hp gas shocks
urethane strut tower bushings
urethane sway bar pivot braces
competition strut tower braces
competition lower chassis brace
autobahn tuned by kenny brown
super star 16x8 alloy rally wheels
3:55 sprint gearing
65mm hi-flo induction
1990 Kenny Brown "JPS" Mustang
Robert Smith
vortech supercharger
anderson motorsport cfi pipe
through the fender intake
accufab throttle body
bassanni exhaust
Koni shocks and struts
B&M ripper shifter
Alburn differential and 373 gears
full sub frame connectors and chassis kit
Kenny Brown AGS Suspension
1997 Kenny Brown Cobra C4S
John A Bartush
97-027MT vin # J55430
Mercury Mountaineer GTS-SE
Chris Schwarz
Panther #01-44
Kenny Brown Panther
Sam LaTorre
KB front K-member and A-arms
KB Subframe connectors/extreme matrix brace/jacking rails
KB Caster-camber plates
KB coil-overs/Koni shocks and rear shock tower brace
Engine bored and stroked to 302CI forged pistons/rods
4 custom Crowler cams/ Heads ported
Vortech S-Trim Supercharger (14lbs boost)
Snow Performance cooler/ethanol injection
Shorty headers/Bassani X pipe/ Magnaflow exhaust
Steeda short through shifter/Autometer tach and gauges
1996 Mystic Cobra
Ken Higham
1997 Kenny Brown Thunderbird
Phillip English, Alabama
1997 Kenny Brown Mustang
Brett Kollin
Kenne Bell Supercharged - 6psi
Custon sound system
Bassani high-flow exhaust
2003 Kenny Brown Cobra S
Kevin Cline, Indiana
Supercharger, headers, racing fuel pump, 3" exh., shift kit, lowered, monotone paint
Eddie Bauer 4x4 Expedition
Gary Nichols
00-003 EXD
2000 Ford Expedition XLT
Kyle Kubicki
Complete Ags level 4 system koni shocks/struts.
1996 svt cobra
Kevin Richard, Indiana
KB front shock tower brace
KB caster/camber plates
KB subframe connectors
KB lower front chassis brace
KB jacking rails
KB rear shock tower brace
KB rear upper adjustable control arms
KB rear lower control arms
Steeda HD rear sway bar
Steeda offset steering rack bushings
2000 Mustang 3.8 Special
Nicholas Overstreet
1989 mustang Super GT
Robert Schoff
9864-A SCH805
Power Pack supension and handeling brake upgrades
1996 Ford Explorer
Steve Mallick
Mustang Gt
Phillip Myers
Full RS Package
2012 Ford Mustang GT-500
Ted H.
Mercury Marauder
Greg and Kim Richardson
Crown Vic Panther
David Bintner
no number but a Super GT
6 pt street cage cowl hood race craft suspenion koni shock
1985 Mustang Gt
Terry Johns
M-96-003 CAL
1996 Mustang GT
Robert Carney
Kenne bell supercharger, Custom sound system, Lambo doors, Polished engine and of course a Kenny Brown performance pakage
SVT Cobra
Tyler Stover
subframe connectors
306 with full bolt ons
lowered approx 1.5" on cobra R wheels
tubular rear control arms
1989 mustang gt
Joseph Bruns
Mustang Cobra
Joseph Horne
02-018 CV
Fully loaded from K.B.
2002 Ford Crown Victoria LX
Paul kegley
03 mustang cobra
Steven Smalley
Sprint gears 3.73with speedometer correction
Auburn Limited-slip differential with gear change
Sport Shifting
18" O.Z. Wheels
Performance front brake pads, stainless steel lines, hi-temp fluid
Tuned sport suspension with performance-valved shocks & struts, front sport springs, rear sway bar, urethane bushings, lowering, performance alignment and suspension turning.
Chassis support system
High-flow, high performance exhaust system
Comfort foot rest
Crown Victoria "Panther"
Timothy Coleman
Trans sent to Promotion in Ft Lauderdale for upgrade
1999 SVT Mustang Cobra
paul menard
m 94-003
suspension and engine done by kenny brown in 1994
1994 mustang gt
Matt H
Kenne Bell 1.5L Blower @ 9 psi
Fully forged rotating assembly, 8.5:1 comp
King Cobra clutch
4.10 gears
Borbet C Wheels
Level 5 Suspension
Bassani X Pipe / Flowmaster exhaust
1997 Ford Mustang Cobra C4S