Press Releases

July 2012

Kenny Brown Light-Weight Tubular K-Member for 2005-2013 Mustang and Shelby GT500

Wauconda, IL  – Kenny Brown has released his NEW Light-Weight Tubular K-Member designed to fit all 2005-2013 Mustangs, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500.  The addition of this new K-member makes the AGS 4.0 Suspension System a complete solution, and allows you to upgrade all of the factory components adding strength and reducing weight at the same time.

June 2012

Kenny Brown Releases Fourth Generation of AGS Suspension Systems for 2005-2013 Mustangs

"The Perfect Street and Track Day Suspension Package"

The Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Suspension is "standard equipment" on his awesome new GT-4CS and GT-4T Mustangs, engineered and track-tested to be a complete solution, with all the right pieces and Kenny’s advanced suspension geometry.  Kenny leverages what works in the Mustang and fixes what doesn’t with no band aid approach, no fluff, no puff, no excuses. It's one killer suspension system to make you look and feel good at the track, or just cruising the boulevard.

June 2012

Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit For 1964 1/2 to 1970 Mustangs

Wauconda, IL --  Kenny Brown teams up with Heidts to introduce his popular Extreme Matrix Kit for owners of 1964 ½ to 1970 Ford Mustangs. This new Kenny Brown Matrix system is an extension of the Extreme Matrix product group originally created for Fox and SN95 Mustang chassis, and one of Kenny Brown’s most popular products for over 20 years. Now owners of the early model or “Gen 1” Mustangs will realize the same performance advantages of Brown's innovative Extreme Matrix component design.

May 2012

Kenny Brown "Super Grip" Front Lower Control Arm Module for 2005–2013 Mustang and Shelby GT500

Wauconda, IL  – Kenny Brown releases NEW "Super Grip" Front Lower Control Arm Module designed to fit 2005-2013 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT500.  The first complete front suspension geometry change, without the hassle of replacing the whole front end on your Mustang.

May 2012

Kenny Brown Super Street Cage for 1979–1993 Mustang and Cobra

Wauconda, IL --  Kenny Brown reintroduces his popular Super Street Cageä product line for 1979-1993 Mustangs.  This innovative product has been a key structural component of Kenny Brown Mustangs and a popular do it yourself product for many years and we are happy to have it back.