Two New Mustang Suspension Packages from Kenny Brown

CSR-GT Street/Sport & CSR GT4 Track/Sport
The next Generation of Kenny’s Critically Acclaimed Advanced Geometry Suspension System
Specifically Designed for S-197 (2005 +) Mustangs

~The Evolution of Intelligent Design~


Kenny Brown Products

Kenny Brown is releasing the Next Generation Gen-IV of his renowned AGS (Advanced Geometry Suspension Systems) for the S-197/2005-on Mustangs.  The AGS system was originally introduced back in 1987 on the heralded Saleen-R Racing Mustangs and has continually improved and evolved to where it is today.  Each AGS suspension generation is built upon the success, experience and results of the prior suspension, continually improving and moving the bar up on handling, grip, braking, and driver confidence.  No one else in the performance aftermarket gives you the level of performance, heritage, development, experience and success as Kenny Brown AGS Suspension Systems – Nobody!  And Kenny Brown still offers you the BEST technical support in the business.


Heritage of Kenny Brown Advance Geometry Suspension Systems

1987-1992 AGS Gen I (Saleen-R & Fox Mustang)
Revised Front K-Member Geometry

1993-2000 AGS Gen II (Fox Mustang, SN-95 Mustang)
Fixed-Strut Front Geometry
TracKit Plus Rear Geometry

2001-2004 AGS Gen III (SN-95 Mustang)
AGS Tubular K-Member and Control Arms
AGS Rear IRS Module

2008 AGS Gen-IV (S-197 Mustang)
AGS Tubular K-Member and Control Arms
AGS 3-Link Live Axle Rear Geometry


But Don’t Take Our Word for it.  Here are Two Professional Drivers
Who Have Tested the Kenny Brown CSR GT4 Suspension.

“I think without a doubt this is the best strut Mustang I have ever driven.  Precision race car feel with a civilized quality for the street.  To bad it doesn't have a full cage, I'd talk you into taking it to Ohio.” (To the NASA Nationals)

Paul Brown, Speed-GT World Challenge Competitor


“What a pleasure to drive the GT4.  … The ones (Mustangs) I have driven before didn't feel as nice as your car.  It was very predicable and easy to settle down as I was trying to catch up to the car's capabilities.  Well done, great track customer ride!”

Terry Lingner, Rolex-24/Le Mans Driver

Both suspensions are currently in the production process for release later in Winter 09.  Pre-release orders are being accepted at special introductory pricing through December 31, 2008.  These will be THE Premier suspension packages on the market for 2005/09 Mustangs in ’09 so don’t wait – Get yours ordered today!