Mustang Jacking Rails 79-14 Fox, SN95, S197, Gen-1 | Kenny Brown

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Raise Your Mustang Just Like You're in the Pits at Daytona. A Must-Have for All Lowered Mustangs! 

Get your Mustang off the ground in a flash with Kenny Brown low profile Jacking Rails. Jack any place along the rocker panel under the doors for safe, secure jacking points and jack stand placement.  Allows for more room to work under the car.

Prevents deforming of pinch weld, rocker panel & floor pan commonly experienced with jack use. Adds additional support and structural integrity to the chassis. Plus, it's quick, easy, and simple to install. Welding is required. 

The Original and Still the Best.  Kenny Brown was the first to introduce Jacking Rails for Mustangs to the market all the way back in the early ‘90’s. A must-have for all lowered Mustangs!

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Adds rigidity, strength and structural integrity
  • Gives safe and secure jacking points
  • Can use with hydraulic jack and jack stands
  • Allows for more room to work under car
  • A MUST for all lowered Mustangs
  • Requires welding, no hardware


 "Jacking my Mustang up has never been easier. What a difference. I wish I would have bought these years ago."  Dino G. (Kenny Brown Jacking Rails on '04 Mustang GT)

Product Application:  94-04 Mustang/Cobra

  • KB.2121.102 Gen 1 Mustang
  • KB.2131.102 '79-'93 Mustang GT, V6 (Does not fit Convertibles)
  • KB.2131.102 Fits '05-'14 Mustang GT (Must shorten for Convertibles)
  • KB.2141.102 Fits'94-'04 Mustang GT, V6, Cobra 

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Product Specifications:

  • Welding required.
  • No hardware required.
  • Made in USA with heavy-duty mild steel.
  • Finished in OE-quality, zinc chromate for additional rust protection.

Product Dimensions & Weight: 

  • 60" x 1" x 1" box tube for Gen1, FOX, S197 - 14 lb
  • 48" x 1.5" x 1" box tube for SN95 - 14 lb
Package Dimensions: 
  • 60" x 4" x 4" for Gen1, FOX, S197 - 16 lb
  • 48" x 4" x 4" for SN95 - 16 lb