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Driving a KENNY BROWN GT4 Series Mustang gives you the uncanny combination of pure exhilaration and calm.   Exhilaration because KENNY BROWN cars are pure visceral Vroom! Calm because at the same time delivering a feeling of total control and supreme confidence. It’s like you melt into the seat, your hands meld with the steering wheel and your right foot plays a concerto in get-it-on sharp.  You become one with the car and the car becomes one with the road.

So whether your looking for a Spirited Touring, Performance Street, Track Day or Full Competition car - nothing comes close to the Pure Performance you'll get from a KENNY BROWN Mustang.

It’s easy to order your bespoke KENNY BROWN Mustang:

1. Choose your level of performance from one of the GT4 performance packages

2. Work with Kenny to choose the right package for your driving style, intended use and budget

3.  Kenny will then custom-tailor your Mustang specifically for your driving desires 

4.  Then turn the key, hit the gas and strap on a smile! 

5  You have a custom Best-in-Class high-performance Mustang built Just for You!

Which KENNY BROWN GT4 Series Mustang Hits YOUR Performance SWEET SPOT?

GT4/Super-S Supercharged Mustang - 770hp

The Porsche Turbo of Mustangs


Wicked fast supercharged power with superb handling, unmatched control and driver confidence for an unforgettable exhilarating and fun driving experience. 

In some sense you can think of the 770 hp supercharged Kenny Brown GT4/S Mustang from an engineering perspective, like a Porsche Turbo.   When Porsche adds big turbo power to the 911, they basically reengineer the whole car to support all the added power of the turbo with pretty much bigger better everything. 

When Kenny adds the fierce power of a supercharger, he doesn't just add a supercharger because anybody can do that; he reengineers the whole car to support the added power with premium performance upgrades to all the major systems.  Where others bolt on a supercharger and maybe a few common off-the-shelf parts, Kenny takes a much, much deeper dive.  With custom premium components built to his stringent specifications, all engineered to command and control the potent 770 hp with confidence.  Bigger Pro brakes, totally upgraded suspension, bigger better cooling, bigger better wheels & tires, better fuel systems, aero for high-speed stability and much more are all part of the Kenny Brown “Magic” that gives you a fantastic, spine-tingling experience with unmatched  driving confidence. 


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GT4 Super S Conversion only $62,500

Compares Well to These Highly Toured Sports Cars

KB GT4/S  Super-S    $99,500*   3,850#   4.8 /w ratio

Shelby Super Snake   $113,500   3,850#   700+hp   5.5 p/w ratio

Hennessey Mustang   $100,000   3,850#   717hp   5.4 p/w ratio


*Starting Price Including Cost of Mustang GT at $37K   








Supercharged Street Fighter Mustangs 710hp

You Can Have it All - Power AND Control


The Kenny Brown Street Fighter is Kenny’s answer to those Ford dealerships and others that just throw a big supercharger on a base Mustang and sell without ANY thoughts about safety to support the added power. Kenny feels that the $40k supercharged dealership Mustangs are dangerous to drive and not in your best interest you.

The Kenny Brown Street Fighter gives you  just enough added upgrades to key systems (cooling, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes) to insure your Street Fighter can handle the extra horsepower. Plus it rides, drives, feels and performs like a Legendary Kenny Brown Mustang.

In a Straight Fight, the Street Fighter will kick a Dealership Mustang’s butt all day long and twice on Sunday.












  KB Street Fighter   $66,500*    3,850#    710hp

     5.4 p/w ratioStreet Fighter Conversion only $29,500

*Starting Price Including Cost of Mustang GT at $37K







 GT4/CSR (Club Sport R) Mustang- 575hp

Extraordinary Track Car Just Short of Full Race


Now you’re getting really serious. Amazing power, even wider wheels, stickier tires, and even bigger brakes, double adjustable shocks and lots of aero down force - everything you need to totally dominate at the track. If you want an incredible track car, with a feeling of power, performance, control and confidence here it is. And there is still enough adjustability to turn it down a notch into an awesome super-hot street monster!




GT4/CS-R Conversion Starting  at $62,500 

Compares Well to These Highly Toured Sports Cars

KB GT4/CSR         $99,500*    3,700#   570hp   6.4 p/w ratio

Nissan GT-R Blk    $112,000   3,905#   565hpTT    6.9 p/w ratio

BMW M4 GTS        $135,000+   3,329#   493hpTT   6.8 p/w ratio

*Starting Price Including Cost of Mustang GT at $37K     


GT4/CS (Club Sport) Mustang - 520hp

Serious Track Performance You Can Take to the Street


Engineered to deliver exceptional driving dynamics and dressed to impress at Motorsport Country Clubs and Track Days. The Kenny Brown GT4/CS Mustang is more track-focused with wider wheels, fat sticky tires, bigger brakes, plenty of power, more down force along with a host of other upgrades; yet still civil enough to drive to the track or out for ice cream with the family.

GT4/CS Conversion Starting at $42,000

Compares Well to These Highly Touted Sports Cars

KB GT4/CS    $79,000*   3,750#     520hp*   7.2 p/w ratio 

Cayman GT4   $84,600   2,955#    385hp    7.7 p/w ratio

Vantage V8    $103,000  3,549#   430hp    8.3 p/w ratio

*Starting Price Including Cost of Mustang GT at $37K



GT4 Mustang - 475hp

Great Street Performance You Can Take to the Track


A real street performance pleaser to drive. Smooth, crisp, compliant and responsive with incredible driving dynamics and impeccable manners. More power than stock, Kenny’s Grand Sport suspension, upgraded wheels, tires, slotted rotors, sport exhaust and the list goes on. You feel like you own the road, totally connected in your Kenny Brown GT4 Mustang.

However, it doesn’t end there; your Kenny Brown GT4 Mustang is totally track capable. You can drive it to the track on weekends, impress the hell out of your friends and it drive home.

GT4 Performance Conversion Starting at $29,500 

Compares Well to These Highly Touted Sports Cars

KB GT4        $66,000*  3,750#   475hp   7.9 p/w ratio 

BMW M4    $71,000   4,055#   444hp   9.1 p/w ratio

*Starting Price Including Cost of Mustang GT at $37K



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