Mustang Extreme Matrix Chassis Support Kit 94-04 Mustang GT, V6, Cobra | Kenny Brown

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No More Mustang Flex - The Ultimate in Under Car Chassis Support

The Ultimate Complete Full Under-Car Chassis Support System for serious drivers, high horsepower and hard-driven Mustangs. The Extreme Matrix Mustang Chassis Brace Kit significantly improves chassis rigidity as well as improving ride quality, traction & handling of your Mustang.  The Kenny Brown Extreme Kit maximizes the strength of your car's center pan section keeping it from twisting and flexing.

The uni-body of Mustangs is very flexible with lack of much torsional rigidity.  Kenny Brown specifically designed and engineered multiple triangulations into his Mustang Chassis Brace Kit (knowing triangles are the strongest engineering structure) to significantly reduce the flexing in the Mustang's uni-body.  Kenny added four full triangulations per side for maximum rigidity.  His design creates an "extremely" strong "matrix" under-body chassis frame system; hence the name - Extreme Matrix Chassis Support Kit.                        

Brown also engineered the kit to be light-weight, heavy-duty without any loss in ground clearance through his low-profile design. One of the benefits due to its superior chassis rigidity is that it reduces squeaks and rattles - especially in convertibles.

Mustang owners are impressed with the vast improvement in ride, handling and traction.  The kit is excellent for high horsepower Mustangs, drag racing or hard driving applications.  It gives a great ride quality while performance driving on the street as well. A MUST for all convertibles.

The kit includes Kenny’s exclusive Double-Cross™ Subframe Connectors, Jacking Rails and Extreme Matrix Chassis Brace.

  • Significantly strengthens and stiffens the chassis
  • Vastly Improves ride quality, traction and handling
  • A MUST for all convertibles and hard driving applications
  • Seriously reduces squeaks and rattles
  • Low profile - no loss of ground clearance
  • Creates a full triangulated frame system under your Mustang
  • Durable and attractive Silver Zinc plating for rust protection
  • Built-in jacking rails for added convenience
  • Welding Required

Reviews: "Kenny, you're amazing! How can one kit make such a huge difference. My car feels better, drives better and all the noise is gone." Richard C. (Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Kit on '04 Mustang GT)

Product Application: 

KB.2141.100 Fits '94-'04 Mustang GT, V6, '99-'04 Cobra*. '96-'98 Cobra*, Bullitt, Mach 1. 

Kit includes:

  • KB.131.101 Subframe Connectors
  • KB.141.102 Jacking Rails
  • KB.141.103 Extreme Matrix Chassis Support Brace

* '96-'98 Cobra - Subframe Connectors must be modified by slightly shortening them with a hacksaw or band saw to fit with the transmission cross member.

*'03-'04 Cobra - Factory Subframe brace needs to be removed for installation of kit.

 Complimentary Products:

  • KB.2141.108 Rear Shock Tower Brace 
  • KB.2144.107 Front Strut Tower Brace (99-04 Mustang GT, V6, 99-01 Cobra)
  • KB.2145.107 Front Strut Tower Brace (03-04 Cobras)

Product Specifications:

  • Made in USA with heavy-duty mild steel. 
  • Finished in OE-quality, zinc chromate for additional rust protection.
  • Welding required.

 Product Dimensions:

  • KB.2131.101 Subframe Connectors:  48" x 12.25" x 1.75" - 14 lbs
  • KB.2141.102 Jacking Rails: 48" x 1.5" x 1" - 14 lbs
  • KB.2141.103 Extreme Matrix Chassis Brace: 48" x 10.5" x 1.5" - 12 lbs

Package Dimensions & Weight: 

  • Subframes 48" x 12" x 4"  - 16 lbs
  • Jacking Rails 48" x 4" x 4" - 16 lbs
  • Matrix Brace 48" x 12" x 4" - 14 lbs