Heavy-Duty Tubular K-Member 1989-1995 Mustang

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AGS 3.0 Light-weight Tubular Front K-Member

Strongest, Best Engineered, “Bolt-In” K-Member available on the aftermarket!

  • Adds 1” to wheelbase for incredible balance, steering, grip, and braking
  • Lightweight, strong design takes 40 lbs. off front of car
  • Increased anti-dive for better braking performance
  • Stabilizes camber curve in cornering
  • Reduced roll center migration in cornering
  • Maximizes tire contact patch to maximize grip
  • Competition proven - available for street, open track, or race

The Advanced Geometry Tubular K-Member optimizes Kenny Brown’s “fixed strut” advanced geometry suspension design for superior handling, grip, and braking with a distinct European sports car performance feel.

The Tubular K-member reduces overall weight by 40 pounds over factory and improves weight distribution and balance by extending the wheelbase forward by one inch improving the roll center envelope, camber gain, toe curve greatly enhancing the handling performance. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Kenny Brown Tubular Front Lower Control Arms and Coil-Over-Shock package.