Impact Racing Phenom SS Helmet Snell SA2105
Impact Racing Phenom SS Helmet Snell SA2105
Impact Racing Phenom SS Helmet Snell SA2105

Impact Racing Phenom SS Helmet Snell SA2105

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Phenom SS Helmet – Snell SA2015/FIA 8859-2015 - CLOSEOUT

The Phenom SS helmet line is a result of over 40 years of research and development experience, including wind tunnel testing. The new range was designed to meet the requirements of the new FIA 8859-2015 & the New Snell SA2015 ratings.

Using a proprietary Carbon-Kevlar composition, the shells offer greater strength at a lighter weight than helmets manufactured from traditional fiberglass composites. The helmets have also been wind-tunnel tested to maximize exterior vent placement and flow while reducing buffeting in open cockpit applications.

The Phenom SS features a carbon-Kevlar/fiberglass construction. It includes a wide, peripheral eye-opening that can be used for open-wheel or closed cockpit driving. Multiple exterior vents increase circulation to a redesigned interior. The interior has channels that not only cool the driver but have additional channels which route air toward the shield, which reduces the chance of shield fogging.

The Phenom SS has removable, washable padding that can be repositioned for a comfortable fit. All interior seams have been removed from areas where greater pressure is exerted on the head.

The Phenom SS has been designed to accommodate a drink tube and an intercom system. Available in flat black only, sizes XS to XXL (new size M/L). The Phenom SS has Hans clips pre-installed, which can easily be removed and replaced with the FHR post of your choice. FIA 8859-2015 (with Hans posts installed) and Snell SA2015 approved (regardless of FHR posts installed).




Please carefully read, understand, and adhere to the following information. Since your helmet is engineered to very exacting standards, correct care is vital to its proper functioning.

SHIELD HARDWARE: to insure proper shield fit and function, it is important to check the tightness of the shield pivot and shield positioning screws before every use. Tighten until screws are firmly seated, careful to not over-tighten.

HELMET CHEEK FIT PADS: to change, remove or replace cheek fit pads, turn the helmet upside down and place thumb under cheek pad and ‘pinch’ thumb with fingers on exterior shell. This will prevent separating and helmet upholstery from the shell as you remove the cheek fit pad. With your free hand, slowly pull the cheek fit pad away from the hook and loop interior starting at the corner. Replace with a new cheek pad.

HELMET INNER LINER: after a race, wet fit pads and liner should be dried in the shade using a fan.

MINI CHAMP & VAPOR HELMET INSERTS: The helmet comes from the factory as a size large without an insert. To place insert into the helmet perform the following:

  • Hold Helmet with base opening facing you.
  • Carefully fold back hat band upholstery toward you around the entire circumference of the helmet.
  • Insert a Quick-Fit insert at the rear of the helmet first and continue to push the insert in and smooth insert down around the entire crown of the helmet.
  • Fold hat band liner back into position.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. P65Warnings.CA.Gov/Product

Prop 65 Warning for California Residents