Watson Racing  Bolt-in 4-Point Roll Cage S197
Mustang Bolt-in 4-Point Roll Cage S197 (Close-up)

Mustang Bolt-in 4-Point Roll Cage S197

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• BOLTS-IN to the FACTORY corner gussets using EXISTING HOLES! Other 4-point bars either bolt to the weak sheet metal floor behind the front seats (dangerous!) or ask you to drill into the factory high-strength steel… which is nearly impossible. High-strength steel is MUCH harder than “normal” steel and will take you HOURS!

The Watson Racing roll bar bolts in using EXISTING BOLT HOLES surrounding the factory high-strength steel corner gussets for maximum safety and ease of installation.

  • Extra strength - not only does the bar bolt to the front corner gussets, but the rear diagonal bars bolt through the floor directly above a factory cross member- one of the strongest areas at the back of the car!

  • Minimal trim panel modification. With the roll bar design, the changes required to the trim panels are VERY minimal. No cutting your time panels in half with this bar!

  • Minimal-bend design. Bends in tubes reduce a bar’s effectiveness and safety. Watson kept the number of bends to a minimum to maximize safety. Where bends are required, they use a CNC precision mandrel bending process to maintain strength.

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