Mustang Jacking Rail '15 - '21 S550 | KENNY BROWN

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The best engineered Jacking Rail on the market!

Kenny’s NEW Jacking rails for the S550 Mustang and GT350 are a complete engineered solution! A secure jacking point any place along the rocker panels makes for easy lifting and jack stand placement that also allows for more room to work under the car.

Kenny’s exclusive fabricated cut & formed tubing is trapezoidal so it perfectly contours to the shape of the mid-pan. This allows for a flush, tailored fit with a rail that’s horizontal to the ground while incorporating a slight degree of angle at the chassis.

Prevents deforming of pinch weld, rocker panel & floor pan commonly experienced with jack use. Adds additional support and structural integrity to the chassis. Plus, it's quick, easy, and simple to install. Welding is not required. 

The Original and Still the Best. Kenny Brown was the first to introduce Jacking Rails for Mustangs to the market all the way back in the early ‘90’s. A must-have for all lowered Mustangs!

  • Quick and Easy Bolt-On Install
  • Exclusive Fabricated Cut & Formed Tubing
  • Adds rigidity, strength and structural integrity
  • Provides safe and secure jacking points
  • Can use with hydraulic jack and jack stands
  • Allows for more room to work under car
  • A MUST for all lowered Mustangs
  • Requires No Welding

Product Application:  2015-2021 Mustang

Product Specifications:

  • No Welding required.
  • No hardware required.
  • Made in USA with heavy-duty mild steel.
  • Finished in OE-quality, zinc chromate for additional rust protection.