SN95 IRS Suspension Upgrade Phase 1

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   The question always comes up when we are talking Performance upgrades ..."What do I do First"

So this is how we Stage the plan, Phase 1. 

  The Kenny Brown IRS Forward Torque Brace helps reduce wheel hop experienced in IRS cars by controlling the torque-induced rear carrier deflection improving traction and improving overall handling of your Cobra. The IRS Forward Torque Brace helps during hard launches and hard driving. The kit is easy to install and is suitable for street, strip or track.  When combined with the Kenny Brown IRS Aluminum Rear Differential Bushing Kit you'll have the ultimate weapon to fight wheel-hop and maximize traction of the line! Add in the Kenny Brown Rear Steer Kit,  as it's designed to dramatically reduce the amount of "rear steer" induced by rear body roll under hard cornering that can impair handling. It will also minimises the "toe Changes" under hard Acceleration and deceleration.