Two-Point K-Member Lower Chassis Brace for 2005-2010 Mustang

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Improved Power Transfer and Handling 

The Kenny Brown Two-Point Lower Chassis Brace for S197 Mustangs light-weight, heavy-duty design offers extreme support and structural integrity to better manage stress loads during hard driving. Reduces flex and torsional twist on the K-member. Improving power transfer and handling.  Better manages stress loads and suspension alignment.

  • Reduces flex and torsional twist on the K-member
  • Improves power transfer and handling
  • Adds structural integrity to the chassis
  • Light-weight, heavy-duty design

The 2-Point Lower Chassis Brace substantially increases the strength and rigidity of the frame and K-member mounting points. The brace allows the chassis to better manage the loads generated from hard cornering and from twisting under hard launch. A much-needed addition for road racing applications where alignment accuracy and consistency are critical to optimal performance. Finished in durable powder coat.

Application: Fits 2005 -2010 Mustang GT, V6, Boss and Shelby GT500