Kenny Brown IRS Cobra Workshop

In this workshop video, Kenny shares his vast knowledge on Building the Ultimate IRS Cobra Mustang. Topics include his personal IRS Cobra Builder's Notes, along with the importance of planning, where to start, how to put it all together, and closes out with a Q&A session.

Building the Ultimate IRS Cobra/Mustang

• Sharing My IRS Cobra Builder's Notes: My Experience with IRS along with My Philosophy

• Importance of Performance Planning: Creating a Build Plan: Starting with the End in Mind

• Where to Start: Kenny' Brown's Performance Foundation

• Chassis • Advanced Geometry Suspension (AGS) Engineering

• In-depth Discussion on IRS Rear Suspension/Converting to an IRS

• Importance of Proper Springs & Shocks

• Front AGS Suspension

• Proper Brakes

• Wheels & Tires

• Importance of Cooling - Engine, and Differential

• Driveline and Engine

• Putting it All Together

• Q&A: Kenny Answers Your Questions