S197 Suspension Systems

Kenny's Fourth Generation AGS 4.0

Advanced Geometry Suspension System 2005-2014 Mustangs 

"The Perfect Street, Track Day or Race Suspension Solution"

The 2005 – 2014 Mustangs are great cars, but with the dated McPherson front and Live-Axle rear, they can leave a lot to be desired for Handling, Grip and Performance. The factory suspension geometry is designed for every day driving, fuel economy and fuel mileage, not performance.

The Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Mustang Suspension is "standard equipment" on his awesome and critically acclaimed GT4 Series High-Performance Mustang. 

Engineered for the street; tested and track-proven to be a complete solution; with all the right pieces and Kenny’s advanced suspension geometry.  Kenny leverages what works in the Mustang and fixes what doesn’t, with a fix-it no band aid approach.  It's one killer suspension system to make you look and feel good at the track with extremely high driver confidence, or just feeling how great your Mustang feels cruising the boulevard.

In the Kenny Brown GT4 AGS 4.0 Suspension System – The Super Solution – Every Component has a positive impact and improvement to the suspension geometry, unlike other aftermarket suspension pieces that simply replace the factory with aftermarket equivalents.    

If you want the Good Stuff, I mean the Really Good Stuff – for Price, Performance and Value you can’t do better than the Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Suspension Solution for your 2015-2015 Mustangs, BOSS and GT500’s 

AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit

    The AGS 4.0 GT-4 Rear Grip Kit  address all the shortcomings of the factory (loose under acceleration and cornering) rear suspension and “Tightens it Up” dramatically.  Kenny adjusts your SVSA (Side-View Swing Arm) Instant Center just where he likes it, straightens the lower control arms to parallel of the center line for slight roll-understeer under acceleration (much preferable to roll over-steer). Then lowers the rear Roll-Center to the lowest point possible on a Live-Axle car (mimics the rear roll center of Trans-Am racecars).  

    Kenny’s Rear Grip Kit for your Mustang makes a dramatic improvement in Grip, Braking, Handling and Traction.  Here is where you need to start improving your Mustang performance with the Rear Grip Kit especially for powerful Coyote engines and supercharged engines – Every GT500 needs a Kenny Brown Rear Grip Kit.  Get the Back to Hook Up and Life Gets Better.

    Special Note:  The Geometry Improvement to the Rear Suspension is so complete – you throw the rear sway-bar away, as you don’t need it – Kenny NEVER runs a rear Sway-bar with his Rear Grip Kit.  

    AGS 4.0 Front Grip Kit

    • Heavy-Duty Lighter-Weight GT-4 Tubular K-Member
    • AGS 4.0 Heavy-Duty Front Lower Control Arm Module
    • Bump-Steer Tie Rod Ends


    Sold With Struts:

      The AGS 4.0 GT-4 Front Grip Kit’s totally unique to the industry address all the shortcomings of the factory suspension; adding more caster, improving camber gain through the corners, increasing anti-dive for better braking, adjusting roll center for better front to rear balance, dramatically refining the overall dynamics of the car.  In short your Mustang will turn in hard and crisp with confidence. 



      Kenny has a selection of custom-valved Coil-Over Shock and Spring Packages available. Depending on your use he will select the best spring rates for your application and ship you the shock and springs assembled with a recommended initial shock setting along with Kenny’s Shock Tuning Guide. Kenny works with each customer to determine the right combination of springs and shocks for your intended use – Street, Open-Track, or Racing 

      The Kenny Brown Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms combined with the Anti-Squat Traction Brackets firmly plant the power and grip at all four wheels by increasing anti-squat and anti-lift for improved traction off the line or at corner exit, and maximized braking capacity. 

      More magic comes from the U-Link Rear Upper Control Arm Module.  Kenny refers to it as a module because it lengthens the upper arm helping to reduce instant center migration, and adjusts the chassis mounting location to mirror the side view geometry that he has used for many years. 

      The Roll-Center Relocation Kit and Competition Panhard Bar work together to lower and completely change the roll center at the rear of the car allowing it to be in plane with the front roll center, in fact the need for a big rear sway bar is mitigated as a result of the improved geometry. "Typically I’ll run my car with no rear sway bar.  For faster tracks like Mosport or Atlanta, I recommend a small OE rear sway bar", according to Brown.

      Kenny never forgets the chassis, and for the 2005-2012 Mustang suspension, he pulls a page out of his racing playbook. 

      The Jacking Rails are a by-product of his racing days and not only serve as a quick and easy way to jack the car up, but also increase rigidity along the rocker panel. 

      The Extreme Matrix Brace ties the Jacking Rails together with the frame to create an incredibly strong platform, and support big horsepower and grip. 

      The Heavy-Duty 2-Point Strut Tower Brace ties the strut towers together to manage the loads generated under hard cornering, abrupt braking, and ride quality also gets a boost. 

      The 2-Point Lower Chassis Brace, just like the strut tower brace, offers the same effect by tying both sides of the K-member together where the front suspension mounting points are.

      Once everything in the suspension is moving and articulating appropriately, shocks/struts and springs ARE KING, so Kenny offers a range of pre-engineered packages rather than a cookie-cutter type of package.  

      It all can be confusing and expensive if you make the wrong choices – that is unless Kenny Brown Performance does it for you. Customers can draw from Kenny's decades of experience to help select the right spring and shock package for their driving or racing requirements, while considering the cars ultimate potential.

      The end result of Kenny's advanced geometry chassis and suspension changes are equivalent to a whole new car with superior handling, grip, and performance that is only rivaled by the best sports cars the world has seen! 

      What's even more spectacular is the system basically bolts on with the exception of the weld-on chassis parts, and you can transform your Mustang, Boss 302 or Shelby GT500 in just one week.

      Take a ride with Kenny around the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL in his GT4RS.