A Course In Building Your Ultimate Sports Car

Kenny continually has questions from Mustang owners (and all makes and models of sports car owners) on where to start on building their Ultimate Sports Car. 

So he decided to create a step-by-step "Road-Map" to building your own personalized high-performance sports car. From a comfortable spirited daily-driver to the perfect track car or all-out competitive race car - you'll have the same build strategy that Kenny uses to create every Kenny Brown Mustang.

Where Do I Start? START HERE...

OK, you have your performance car of choice whether its a Ford Mustang GT, Shelby GT500, GT350, Cobra; Camaro, Corvette or even a Porsche.  You’re ready to start building your performance ride, but don’t really know where to begin. Or you've already started and aren’t sure what to do next.

You have read a lot on the internet, in magazines and seen plenty of ads for parts. Plus, you've received more opinions than you care to count, most of which contradict each other. There is a lot of information to sort through and how much of it is actually correct and what’s really right for you?

Well you have two basic choices:

1) Strike out on your own armed with the advice of the internet, magazines and assorted self-professed “experts” then purchase and pray that everything is correct, fits and works.

2) Or, you can rely on the first-hand experience and expertise of a true professional to help you get to where you want to go. Pisssst - a little hint - Kenny Brown knows performance cars. Another hint, check around with the folks who know and use Kenny Brown Performance products and see what they say.

Experience You Can Count On

Before Kenny turned his attention (and vast sports car and open wheel racing experience) to building some of the most kick-ass customer Mustangs for street and track back in 1988, he had already:

  • Logged close to 100,000 miles of developing, testing and racing the Mustang platform in the Sports Car Club of America’s Pro-Endurance Series.
  • Handed Steve Saleen and his racing Saleen-R Mustangs four National Championship titles and two back-to-back Wins at the 24 Hours of Canada in the process. 
  • Engineered, built all the Saleen-R race cars and managed the Saleen race team effort to victory in both 1986 & 1987.
  • Built numerous race, track and street performance cars for not only Mustang, but other Ford models, GM, Jaguar, Porches, and many other European sports cars.
  • Engineered, built and managed many successful racing ventures.
  • Coached literally hundreds novice, advanced and professional drivers.
  • Advised and managed several racing programs bringing the teams and drivers into the professional racing arena.
  • Developed and brought to market numerous new performance products for many different makes and models, best known for his Mustang suspension products.
  • Conducted many highly revered technical seminars on race car set-up, race car and performance street car builds.
  • Ran his own driving schools and adds his unique technical track set-up and driving coaching to many active driving clubs.
  • Technical adviser and guest writer to many online and print publications. 

This is the foundation and heritage behind every Kenny Brown-built sports car and Kenny Brown performance part available today.

Kenny offers you his vast experience in the evolution of his sport car and racing heritage. All his current Mustang products carries traces of the original DNA and are a direct descendants of the Championship Winning Mustangs Kenny built for Steve Saleen back in 1986 and 1987.

The KENNY BROWN Difference

KENNY BROWN's philosophy on building performance cars is starting with a solid performance foundation. Then building the correct performance into your sports car that is specifically designed for you and your driving application/style. His proven philosophy of building from a solid foundation has been developed and perfected over 40 years experience of building high-performance street, track and racing cars - A proven philosophy that simply works - if you follow it. 

Whether Kenny is building a hot daily-driver, spirited street performance, open-track or full-competition Mustang or just offering a little advice for some performance upgrades, the steps (philosophy) are always the same. The actual components and process may vary slightly, but his proven philosophy is your personal formula for success in building your performance vehicle.