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Kenny Brown About UsKenny Brown has been developing, racing and building high-performance vehicles most of his life.  A veteran of the racing and automotive industries, Brown has evolved as a "forward-thinking" innovator in the high-performance aftermarket.

Kenny Brown Specialty Vehicles are known for their extreme levels of performance packaged in a high-powered, well-balanced O.E. envelope featuring a high content of proprietary components combined with quality products from the Mustang aftermarket.

Driving a Kenny Brown specialty vehicle gives you the uncanny combination of pure exhilaration and calm. Exhilaration, because Kenny Brown cars are pure visceral Vrooom! Calm because at the same time delivering a feeling of total control and supreme confidence.

It’s as if you melt into the seat, your hands bond with the steering wheel and your right foot plays a concerto in key of get-it-on sharp. You become one with the car and the car becomes one with the road.

Kenny Brown Performance Parts are the benchmark of quality, integrity and value for chassis and suspension components in the Mustang performance aftermarket. Kenny Brown Performance Parts are developed, engineered and manufactured in-house to high standards of performance and quality.

Kenny feels privileged to have taken a leadership role since the 1980’s in designing, developing, testing and bringing to market many exciting and innovative premium high-performance sports cars, track cars and race cars – all with exceptional driving dynamics that customers and the media rave about. He's put a lot of great race cars and drivers on track, while picking up some National Championships racing Mustangs along the way.

We invite you to join us. We are here to make your dreams a reality in a very personal and professional way. Once you own a Kenny Brown performance car, you’re not a customer, you’re Family.

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