Kenny Brown's Speed Therapy Academy

Kenny Brown Speed Therapy Academy

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  • Want to Learn HOW to Take Your Driving Passion to the Next Level?

  • Wish You Had a PRO to Help You Make the Right Decisions, Not Costly Mistakes?

  • Would You Like to Learn from Industry Experts?

Whether you are just starting out or already have years of performance driving experience, you find there is still a lot to learn. If you’re tired of “learning by mistake” or through “expensive lessons”. 

Why not skip the continual learning curve and expensive mistakes and CATAPULT YOUR DRIVING AMBITIONS by having a “Pro in Your Pocket”?

Kenny’ Brown's offering a unique opportunity for you to get professional-grade attention in a learning and group coaching environment that nobody else is offering.

This program is not for the person that likes to go for an occasional cruise, go home and move on to their next hobby.

The Speed Therapy Academy is for the serious driver that not only wants to know the” why”, but know the “how” to take themselves to the next level through car preparation, car set-up, car tuning and driving techniques.

This is for both the serious performance street driver all the way to the dedicated track driver that wants to learn and be coached by a Pro instead of learning by themselves the hard way through trial and error and expensive mistakes.

If you want to up your game, then join Kenny Brown’s Speed Therapy Academy PERFORMANCE PLATFORM & VEHICLE DYNAMICS FUNDAMENTALS is for you.

It’s a 16-week immersion learning program teaching you how to create your own ultimate driving experience; using the tools you’ll learn in this program from a Pro whose been there, done that and has the experience to guide/coach you on the right path forward.

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16-WEEKLY LIVE IMMERSION LEARNING SESSONS taught by master car builder, new product innovator and motorsports mentor Kenny Brown. Brown dives deep into important topics in developing your automotive performance skill sets. More details, more visual tools, more “how-to”, more resources than the Transforming Your Driving Experience Workshop.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM FORMAT - All sessions are conducted LIVE on Zoom so there's lots of interaction between you and Kenny with replays for all sessions in case you have to miss a session.

BIWEEKLY BONUS MASTERCLASSES – Kenny brings in the BEST industry experts to share their knowledge and experience with you. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the experts questions during this LIVE presentation/discussion. This is a great learning tool – where else can you go to have access and personal attention of industry experts in a small group environment?

BIWEEKLY GROUP COACHING SESSIONS – Listen, learn, and interact while Kenny solves real issues members are experiencing and coaches them (you) to a solution and a plan of action. This is not a question and answer session, but a coaching session working with a few members (including you) each week during this hour-long session while you learn from others and Kenny. 

SPEED THERAPY ACADEMY PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – A great place to interact with like-minded performance enthusiasts. Get to know and interact with your fellow Academy members, share resources, plan outings together, etc.

SPEED THERAPY ACADEMY VIRTUAL LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER – Gain access to the Academy's Membership Learning and Resource Center portal with handy resources at your fingertips along with a place to revisit past teachings from Kenny and the Academy Masterclass experts.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION – Speed Therapy Academy Certificate worthy of hanging in your office or garage wall.

EXCLUSIVE SPEED THERAPY ACADEMY POLO SHIRT – Member's only breathable embroidered polo shirt worthy of wearing to the track or going out to dinner.

SPEED THERAPY ACADEMY NOTEBOOK– Created and organized by Kenny for you to add your pertinent information to keep at hand whether you're building, setting up, or tuning your car for the track. 

INTERESTED? READY TO GO!  Don't Delay, Register Today! Classes are starting soon.

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? ON THE FENCE? Give us a call, text or DM. We’ll answer your questions and help you decide if the program’s right for you. 317.396.2768

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Head Master & Professional Motorsports Coach, Kenny Brown

Kenny Brown, founder and visionary of Kenny Brown Performance Group, is a highly respected innovator in the automotive industry, building premium high-performance street cars, track cars and racecars for over 40 years.

For the past 40 years, Kenny has been the driving force and genius behind engineering numerous innovative new products in the performance aftermarket for late model Mustangs, as well as a mentor and leader in driver development, team coaching and developing professional race teams.

Aside from Kenny’s passion for building great cars and professional motorsports, he also enjoys sharing his many years of experience coaching and teaching serious performance car enthusiasts how to transform their driving experience.

There are very few in the car industry with Kenny’s depth of knowledge and broadness of experience, let alone willing to share that knowledge to help others. Kenny feels that if he can help just one person from making a mistake he made in the distant past, it is well worth it. Working with Kenny is like Having a Pro in Your Pocket!