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Hi, Kenny here,

For many years I have been driven by my love for cars, a deep passion for performance, and fulfillment in helping people realize their automotive dreams and driving ambitions.

My philosophy is that sports cars should stimulate and evoke all of your emotions and touch each of your senses. Stylish, classic and stunningly good looks gives you visual pleasure that perks up the corner of your mouth.

Sliding into a seat and interior that is comfortable and sporty as the seat cradles you while reaching up to hold the wheel that feels natural as if it were built around you. The turn of the key and the touch of the starter and the explosion of 500 plus horses springing to life sending a deep vibration from your butt all the way up to your spine to your head.  A quick rev deepens and amplifies the sensation lifting your corner smile a little broader as the engine settles back into an idle of panting horses awaiting your command. Image

Kenny Brown Performance eBay Mustang

However, what truly makes a sports car great is how it drives. I love and totally enjoy driving fun, powerful inspired handling purposeful sports cars, track cars and race cars with dynamic driving characteristics and superior road manners.

I love the feel, the excitement, the exhilaration the pure joy of driving a truly great sports car. The uncompromising seat-of-the-pants feel you get when a high-performance car is right – I mean really, right. There are literally hundreds of serialized Kenny Brown cars out there and every one of them is a driver's dream.

I have been told over and over again that when someone drives one of my cars for the first time it only takes a few minutes to fall in love and after an hour or so they’re emotionally and sensually overcome. Drive anyone of my cars and I guarantee that you will feel the same.

Kenny Brown Cars GT4 Mustangs

That’s where I am today, on the threshold of producing my next generation of Kenny Brown high-performance sports cars, track cars and race cars, and I’m very excited. They represent the culmination of an entire lifetime of work, my passion and commitment of continually improving and evolving the cars I build and drive. In essence I build my cars for myself first, the way I want my cars to drive, from the driver’s seat out.

I’m privileged to have taken a leadership role since the 1980’s in designing, developing, testing and bringing to market many exciting and innovative premium high-performance sports cars, track cars and race cars – all with exceptional driving dynamics that customers and the media rave about. I've put a lot of great race cars and drivers on track, while picking up some National Championships racing Mustangs along the way.

The new Kenny Brown Heritage Series Gen-I Camaros and Mustangs - melds the 1969 classic styling with my latest modern day performance technology platform.

The Heritage Trans Am Spec Racers, the Heritage Muscle Cars for street/track car version as well as my newest Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustangs all share common performance DNA that has evolved over many decades that started with the 1987 Saleen-R racecars that I engineered, built and managed to four National Championships in professional endurance racing.

Over many generations of cars, I have continued to refine my unique performance philosophy into a performance platform to give you that breath-taking driving enjoyment you crave.


Kenny Brown Heritage Trans Am Spec Racers

Arguably some of the best looking and desirable pony cars of the 60’s were the ’69 Boss Mustang and the ’69 Camaro Z/28. Additionally for those of us who remember and those that may be too young to have experienced it. The epic hard fought battles between the Penske Camaros and the Bud Moore Mustangs of the 1969 Trans Am Championship at race tracks across America was legendary.

We can’t go back to 1969 to relive the past, but I can bring 1969 to you so you can relive the thrills and excitement of 1969 Trans Am in my new Heritage Trans Am Spec Racers. Equally engineered and comparably equipped Spec Racers updated to today's performance technology in brand new ’69 Camaro and ’69 Mustang steel bodies with my newest Mark-V Racing Platform make for REALLY fast race cars. Now you can take the wheel of a Heritage Trans Am Spec Racer, not unlike Parnelli, Donohue, Posey and Follmer did back then. Slide into your Kenny Brown Heritage Trans Am Spec Racer, cinch those harness belts up tight, start your engine and hear the roar of unbridled power, hit the gas and make racing history!

Don’t delay in reserving an early build slot for your Kenny Brown Heritage Trans Am Spec Racers ’69 Camaro or ’69/’70 Mustang Fastback. We are currently accepting deposits for early build slots.



Kenny Brown Heritage Muscle Cars Pro-Sport

Great News for non-racers. We're building Limited Edition Heritage Series Muscle Cars. Street Legal versions of the ’69 Mustang and ’69 Camaro Spec Racers, tamed and de-tuned for street and track, yet still with lots of Muscle. Great power, performance, race inspired suspension, big brakes, big wheels and tires - a modern day sports car in a new '69 body - an amazing driving experience.

The most exciting part is that Heritage Series Muscle Cars carry forward both my current Mark-IV and next generation Mark-V Performance Platforms into GEN-I Mustangs and Camaros. My “Performance Platform” is a fully engineered and integrated system of chassis, suspension, wheels, tires and brakes that collectively work as a well-defined cohesive unit. The Best of the New, makes for the Best of the Old for these Heritage cars.

Don’t delay in reserving an early build slot for your brand new Kenny Brown Heritage ’67-’69 Camaro or ’69-’70 Mustang Fastback. We are currently accepting deposits for early build slots.



Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustang

My performance Mustangs just keep getting better. There is a full range of serialized Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustang premium-performance packages to hit your performance “Sweet Spot”.
Driving one of my GT4 Series Mustang gives you the uncanny combination of pure exhilaration and calm. Exhilaration, because Kenny Brown cars are pure visceral Vrooom! Calm because at the same time delivering a feeling of total control and supreme confidence. It’s as if you melt into the seat, your hands bond with the steering wheel and your right foot plays a concerto in key of get-it-on sharp. You become one with the car and the car becomes one with the road.

Naturally aspirated variants range from my spirited GT4 (Sport Touring/Sport Track), to the GT4/CS (Club Sport/Track Day) and all the way to totally awesome range topper, the Kenny Brown GT4/CS-R (full-on track). For the purely power hungry, my supercharged Kenny Brown GT4/S and Super-S Mustangs will truly blow your mind with over 750 raging horsepower at your beckoned call.

So whether you’re looking for a Spirited Touring, Performance Street, Track Day or Full Competition car - nothing comes close to the Pure Performance you'll get from one of my Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustang. Also, by popular demand, we will continue to custom build and serialize '11-'14 GT4 Mustang GT, Boss and GT500’s, as well as CSR conversion upgrades for ’99-’04 SVT Mustang Cobras with the IRS rear suspension.

I invite you to join us. We are here to make your dreams a reality in a very personal and professional way. Once you own a Kenny Brown performance car, you’re not a customer, you’re Family.

Let's have some fun!

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