Race-Inspired IRS Suspension for both Street and Track

The Ultimate in Handling: Kenny Brown Advanced Geometry Suspension for IRS Cobras  

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Pictured: Kenny Brown Cobra CSR-R (Club Sport Race - Race set-up) competing in American Iron AIX.

There has been a resurgence in 1999-2004 IRS Cobras lately which suits Kenny Brown just fine. He has always had a passion for the IRS Cobra. He has a long racing history designing, building, setting up and racing IRS race cars, so when Ford introduced the Cobras in 1999 it was only natural that Kenny would offer a great IRS suspension for the IRS Cobra. It was easy for him to apply his handling wizardry to produce the best handling and performing IRS suspension in the market. 

Pictured: KENNY BROWN Cobra R CSR-OT (Club Sport Racer - Open Track) at an open track event.

Fast Forward to Today

Fast forward to today and Kenny Brown continues to offer his line of AGS (Advance Geometry Suspension) Systems for the IRS Cobra. “The quantum-leap forward in technology that the Cobra IRS represents provides the perfect platform for car builders and open-track enthusiasts who can now find these cars for a reasonable price.  We have raced IRS Cobras starting in 1999 all the way through present.  We know exactly how to make the architecture work for the street and track, and we are the only company that has ever supported it whole heartedly," according to Kenny Brown.  "The increased demand for pre-engineered IRS suspensions has prompted us to continually improve our line of Advanced Geometry Suspension Systems for the '99-'04 SVT Cobra."

Kenny Brown AGS IRS Kits and Components

The Kenny Brown Advanced Geometry Suspension (AGS) for IRS Cobras is designed to replace OEM IRS suspension components with a race-inspired suspension geometry dramatically improving handling and reducing obnoxious wheel-hop inherent in the IRS Cobras. Kenny specifically designed the suspension to be compliant and comfortable for street driving as well as a strong track performer. 

Pictured: Complete Kenny Brown AGS IRS Cobra Suspension including Rear Carrier Geometry improvement.


Street Smart Engineering

Through Kenny's street smart engineering, he's been able to eliminate the inherent rear roll steer, reduce weight while improving strength and handling, allowing clearance for coil-over shocks and wide tires.  

Kenny offers everything you need to transform your Cobra into an aggressive street or full blown open-track car in one simple system, or combination of components depending upon your application.

The complete Kenny Brown IRS Rear Grip kit complete transforms the driving dynamics of the Cobra. The kit consists of: AGS Tubular IRS Lower Control Arms, AGS Tubular IRS Upper Control Arms, IRS Rear Steer Kit, IRS Forward Torque Brace and IRS Aluminum Differential Bushings.  Kenny offers a range of custom Kenny Brown/Strange coil-over shocks that is specifically spec'd for your Cobra and your driving application. How cool is that! 

Following Kenny's philosophy of building from a solid foundation, you can purchase Kenny Brown IRS suspension pieces gradually or as a complete kit. He recommends starting with his “Starter Rear Grip Kit” that greatly reduces wheel-hop that is inherent in Cobras giving a much more controllable, comfortable ride especially when stepping on the gas. 

AGS Tubular Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms are designed to replace the 1999-2004 Cobra OEM control arms and are available for street and competition applications.  The tubular rear control arms feature silicone impregnated urethane bushings for reduced deflection and ease of movement with optional rear adjustable sway bar links for improved strength and performance.  The new control arms eliminate the rear spring seats, allowing for conversion to coil-over shocks and much greater adjustability and spring options.

Pictured:  Kenny Brown AGS IRS Upper and Lower Control Arms.

 Kenny is continually improving his products to the latest in technology. For example, the Kenny Brown IRS Upper and Lower Control Arms have been improved for better function, more strength and reduced weight creating an even better handling Cobra.

Starter Rear Grip Kit

IRS Rear Steer Kit is designed to replace the OEM rear tie rods and inner tie-rod ends with heavy-duty competition-grade hardware.  The rear steer kit eliminates the rear steer factor allowing the car to exit corners better with improved grip and helps to eliminate wheel-hop. Kenny Brown also recommends replacing OEM style outer Tie Rod ends for cars that have enjoyed a few miles. 

Pictured:  Kenny Brown Rear Grip Starter Kit - IRS Rear Steer Kit, Aluminum Differential Bushings, Forward Torque Brace.

IRS Forward Torque Brace is designed to strengthen the area where the differential assembly mounts to the IRS carrier assembly.  The no-twist forward torque brace improves traction and helps eliminate wheel-hop.

Pictured:  Kenny Brown Aluminum Differential Bushings, Forward Torque Brace.

Aluminum IRS Differential Bushing Kit is designed to replace the OEM rubber bushings to eliminate deflection at the rear differential housing.   The aluminum bushings improve traction, help eliminate wheel-hop and act as a heat soak to help pull critical temperature away from the fragile rear differential.

Coil-Over Rear Upper Shock Mounts attach at the OEM rear upper shock mount and allow for fitment of street or competition coil-over rear shocks.  The rear shock mounts are bolt-on and will work for most aftermarket coil-over shocks.  When running coil-over shocks in the rear it is strongly recommended that you also use a Kenny Brown Heavy-Duty Rear Shock Tower Brace.

To further improve the performance of the IRS, Kenny goes right to the core with the Kenny Brown IRS Carrier Modification. He relocates all of the control arm mounting points to improve the camber gain and adds rear anti-squat.  “My geometry improved IRS package has a more stable rear roll center positioned low to ground similar to Formula and Prototype Sports Cars that I have engineered." Brown continues "Allowing you to drive an IRS car anywhere on the track around the corner offering many more line options through the corner plus the IRS is vastly superior on a bumpy track”.   The rear hard mount to the frame rail removes the big bulky mount and “Locks Down” the carrier eliminating movement. The design of the hard mount tucks it close to the frame rail allowing for a much wider selection in wheels and tires without clearance issues.

 Advanced Geometry Independent Rear Suspension Components for 1999-2004 SVT Cobra Mustangs are available, along with other World-Class chassis and suspension components for the popular SN95 platform: at www.KennyBrown.com or by calling Kenny Brown Performance direct 317.396.2768.