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Hit the GAS! In Your Kenny Brown Heritage Trans Am Spec Racer

Heritage Spec Racers Kenny Brown Cars  
  • Kenny Brown Heritage Trans Am Spec Racers aren’t restorations, recreations or continuation cars. They are brand new “original configuration” vehicles (licensed by Ford and GM) fully engineered with modern racecar technology and up-to-date 2021 racing mechanicals.
  • The Camaro and Mustang Heritage Spec Racers are engineered to be on an equal playing field (similar to the original IROC Race Series) to make a true Driver’s Championship while throwing in some Ford and GM rivalry to make it fun.
  • The Spec Racers drive like a dream and feel like brand new 2021 racecars due to racecar builder Kenny Brown's innovative suspension design and new platform technology, yet still deliver the nostalgic queues reminiscent of the Trans-Am Glory Days of old.
  • Just arrive at the track, dial in your Heritage Racer and Go! There is no big investment in development as the major components like engine, transmission, rear axle and shocks are all sealed.
  • They’re quick, reliable, easy-to-drive, super fun and easy-to-maintain. Dressed in that historic sheet metal, it’s like you are racing back in 1969 but only faster and at a higher level of control and safety! 


Kenny Brown Custom Cars Nostalgic Racing Made ModernThere was nothing more thrilling than the Epic Battles between the Bud Moore Mustangs and Penske Camaros in the 1969 Trans Am Championship played out on racetracks and newsstands all across America.

Now 52 years later, YOU can experience the excitement of the door-to-door Chevy vs. Ford rivalry of the 1969 Trans Am Championship racing in your NEW 2021 Kenny Brown '69 Mustang or '69 Camaro Heritage Trans Am Spec Racer in a Series celebrating the Trans Am Glory Days*.

Not in 52 year old cars with 52 year old technology, but in your brand new fully-engineered '69 Camaro or '69 Mustang race car loaded with modern race technology built on NEW steel body shells that are licensed by Ford and GM.

The Best of the Old married with the Best of the New, artfully engineered and crafted for you by renowned car builder Kenny Brown.


Feel the purely exhilarating "throw-back" experience, racing your Heritage Trans Am Spec Racer at the best "Bucket List" tracks across America in a true Driver's Championship.  Just imagine yourself racing nose-to-tail, door-to-door, swapping places just like legendary racers with names like Jones, Donohue and Follmer.

Once car count supports a full season series, you can race in the National Trans Am Heritage Spec-Racer Championship, a real Driver's Championship in equally matched cars traveling to the Best racetracks throughout America.

You can start racing as soon as you receive delivery of your new Spec-Racer. Kenny Brown Heritage Spec Racers are eligible for SVRA Race Group 10/12 competition OR can be raced in other racing series like NASA. Not interested in racing? These cars make absolutely wicked track-day cars.


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Kenny Brown Heritage Spec Racer Features

Kenny Brown Heritage Spec Racers are serious vehicles dedicated to building on the original Trans Am series that raged from 1966 to 1972. Standing guard to make sure that they are true to form, Brown has taken personal charge of making sure that they perform in a manner that plays homage to the guys that made this series great by integrating only the highest quality current day technology. Current with all things performance, just look at the key elements hand-picked by Brown that will make his Kenny Brown Heritage Trans Am Spec Racers special: 

  • Solid Foundation. Brand New'69 steel bodies (licensed by Ford and GM) with full competition roll cages with several styles of race seats to choose from, as well as HANS 6-point harness belts.
  • Big Power. Equally powered 540hp V-8 sealed ASA racing engines from Ford Racing and GM Performance, economical race engines with lots of Power.  (GM around $9,500 and Ford around $12,000)
  • Exceptional Driving Dynamics. Advanced handling, grip, and braking from Kenny Brown’s newest Trans-Am inspired Advanced Geometry Suspension System AGS-5.0 featuring full-race front double-wishbone suspension with power rack & pinion steering paired with Kenny Brown exclusive new ZR/K-Link rear suspension system. An industry first adding a level of handling and performance unmatched by any other live-axle rear suspension. Add Race Double-Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks for even better control.
  • Big Stopping Power. Kenny Brown/Baer Pro4-R Racing Brake Kit with 4-piston Calipers (front and rear); lighter than 6-piston calipers (saves unsprung weight), but still uses the same large 6-piston brake pads. Front pads measuring a whopping 25mm/.980” thick (that’s almost a 1” thick front pad).  The full race focus carries to the special R-spec 14”x1.25” 2-piece slotted rotors that are lighter, stronger and cool better than standard rotors.
  • Solid Driveline. The 540hp and 477ft - lbs. of torque couples through a light-weight twin-disc racing clutch and flywheel, engaging the Tremec 5-speed manual transmissions with Hurst shifter reminiscent of the old top-loaders. The power shoots down the aluminum driveshaft to the 9” rear axle with a good old Detroit Locker or Torsen type differential and 4:10 gears to rocket you off the corners and down the straight.
  • Ultimate Control. All that power with loads of mechanical grip from the AGS 5.0 Suspension System claws at the asphalt with Pirelli 305 front and 315 rear slicks mounted on Special Heritage Series light-weight Forgeline Racing Wheels -18”x10.5” front; 18”x11.5” rear.
  • Historic Queues. Continue with “Old School” feel including analog gauges; tach, oil pressure, water temp, oil temp, etc.
  • No ABS, No Traction Control, No Data Acquisition – Just Your Butt and Your Right Foot. After Your First Lap, You'll be in Love!

All specifications and pricing are based on the best information available at the time; Information is preliminary and estimated and subject to be changed without notice


Kenny Brown Heritage Trans Am Spec Racer

Celebrated Car Builder, Kenny Brown

KENNY BROWN is a well-respected 40 year veteran of the racing and automotive industries. His background includes engineering, building, developing and managing national championship-winning Mustangs; along with hundreds of well-balanced track day and performance street cars. 

Brown has evolved as a "forward-thinking" new product innovator and evolutionary leader in motorsports and the high-performance aftermarket.  His latest example is his innovative Mark-V Performance/Racing Platform. 

The crown jewel for his Heritage Series Race and Street cars along with his GT4 Series Mustangs, The Mark V Platform features his cutting-edge, Trans Am race-inspired Kenny Brown Advanced Geometry Suspension System (AGS-5) making Kenny Brown performance cars drive like champions they are. 

Kenny Brown Cars are legendary. Customers and editors alike rave about Kenny’s cars, stating that he builds the best driving, best stopping and best handling sports cars and track cars that they have ever driven. He focuses exclusively on delivering a superior driving experience for his customers. 

It's his unique performance philosophy of building a true Driver's car starting with a solid performance foundation to support the power and driver's driving style. Whether its spirited driving around town, carving through canyon roads, kicking butt at track days, or racing hard door-to-door – you won't find a better balanced, more exhilarating, fun car to drive, than one that Kenny has worked his special magic on.

Kenny Brown Celebrated Car Builder


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