Heritage Mustang Muscle Car

Kenny Brown Custom Cars Heritage Series Muscle Mustang

Kenny Brown Heritage Series Muscle Cars are a new genre in early Muscle Car performance. The Kenny Brown Heritage Cars are not restorations, recreations or continuation cars; nor are they Pro-Street of Pro-Touring machines.  They are a completely new exciting addition to the market and the Kenny Brown performance car line up - with the performance and driving characteristics of a modern-day sports car, but with the old school '69 era Muscle Car charm.  

Kenny’s Heritage Muscle Cars are brand NEW ’69-’70 Mustang and ’67-’69 Camaro high-performance Sports Cars, starting with NEW steel body shells, equipped with NEW modern performance technology including BIG powerful engines with current day powertrain and mechanicals.  It's melding the classic designs of the past with the performance technology of today masterfully created as only Kenny Brown can. 

Whether going for groceries, spirited driving on the street or dominating at the track, you'll experience an exhilarating NEW kind of RUSH due to the amazing confidence-inspiring driving dynamics engineered into the Heritage Muscle Cars courtesy of the latest Kenny Brown Mark-V Performance Platform (specifically engineered: chassis, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes). 

The Mark-V Performance Platform is a technology transfer from the Mark-V Racing Platform developed for the Heritage Trans Am Spec Racer program; then tamed and tuned specifically for superior street performance and kick-butt track performance. Even though it's been tamed for the street, the Kenny Brown Heritage Muscle Cars still feature the same cutting-edge racing suspension geometry from the Heritage Spec Racers along with BIG power, BIG wheels, BIG tires, BIG brakes that come from Kenny’s current range of Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustangs. 

That’s why the Kenny Brown Heritage Muscle Cars feel so darn good, igniting all your senses and driving like brand new high-performance Sports Cars right off the showroom floor. 

New Body. New Technology and an incredible New Kind of Rush - Kenny Brown Heritage Muscle Cars. 

Kenny Brown Heritage Mustang


Turn the Key. Hit the Gas. Feel the Rush.
Kenny Brown Heritage Mustang

The Kenny Brown Heritage Muscle Car Series offers you nostalgic queues reminiscent of the glory days while delivering you purely exhilarating driving experience in a brand new high performance muscle car. Quick, reliable, easy-to-drive, easy-to-maintain contemporary Heritage muscle cars with current Kenny Brown Mark V underpinnings & mechanicals; delivering you the car you've always dreamed of - the best of the old blended with the best of the new.

  • Brand New 1969 Mustang Steel Bodies (Licensed by Ford).
  • No Rust, Bent or Body Damage to Repair.
  • No Fixing, Tuning, Repairing or Sourcing 50-year-old parts.
  • Brute, Totally-ControllableHigh-Revving Power460hp 5.0L/302cid DOHC Coyote engine.
  • Quick, Solid Shifts with Tremec-XL 6-speed transmission.
  • Rumbling, Throaty, High-Performance exhaust.
  • Exclusive Kenny Brown Mark-V Performance Platform (chassis, suspension, wheels, tires brakes).
  • REAL Reliable Stopping Power. Custom Kenny Brown/Baer 4-wheel 6-piston disc brakes.
  • Amazing Razor-Sharp Handling, Cornering and Braking. Drives like it’s on rails.
    • with Kenny Brown’s NEW exclusive race-inspired Advanced Geometry GEN-V Suspension
    • Double Wishbone SLA front suspension
    • New ZR/K4-Link rear suspension system (industry first)
    • NO Leaf-Springs
    • 4-corner coil-over shocks.
  • Retro-Style Wide Rims. Special 19” aluminum light-weight Forgeline wheels.
  • Fat Max-Performance street tires for really gripping the road.
  • Fun, Fast, Reliable, No Stress- Once you're finished having fun, park it, wash it, admire it.
  • Comfortable Interior with contemporary seating and creature comforts.
  • Custom-finished specifically for You!
  • Serialized and Titled for Street or Track.

Estimated Starting Price of $159,000               

All specifications and pricing are based on the best information available at the time; Information is preliminary and estimated and subject to be changed without notice.

Kenny Brown Heritage Series Muscle Mustang Car


Then & Now Comparison Chart


  1970 Mustang 
Trans-Am Boss 302
Kenny Brown 
1969/70  Heritage Mustang
Base Price Around $35,000 (in 1970) Est. - $149,000 - $169,000
Option dependent
Current Market Value $350,000 - $500,000+  
- Type OHV Boss 302 Iron block & heads LDOHC 4-V 302cid/5.0L V8
- Bore 4.0” (101.6 mm) 3.63” (92.2 mm)
- Stroke 3.0” (76.2 mm) 3.625” (92.7 mm)
- Displacement 302cid (4942 cc) 302 cid (4951 cc)
- Compression Ratio 10.5:1 11:1
- Induction 4 bbl Holley EFI fuel injection
- Base HP 460 hp 465 hp (525 hp optional)
- Base Torque 360 lb ft. 395 lb. ft.
- Fuel Premium Premium unleaded
- Front Upper A-arms lower traverse arms
with drag struts, coil springs, tube
shocks and anti-roll bar

Kenny Brown New Race-Inspired AGS 5.0 SLA New Race Inspired, Double Wishbone, coil-over shocks,

select sprints, adjustable anti-roll bar

- Rear

Live axle on multi-leaf springs,
horizontal Watts Link for centering

Kenny Brown New Race-Inspired 
AGS 5.0 Rear Suspension ZR/K-Link Module (industry first),
coil-over shocks, select springs

- Rear Axle Ford 9" Ford 9”
- Final Drive 4.33:1 4.10:1
- Differential Detroit Locker Torsen-type torque sensing
- Transmission 4-speed manual Magnum XL 6-speed manual
-- 1st 2.20 (8.75) 2.66 (10.54)
-- 2nd 1.42 (6.15) 1.78 (7.30)
-- 3rd 1.14 (4.94) 1.30 (5.33)
-- 4th 1.00 (4.33) 1.00 (4.10)
-- 5th - 0.80 (3.28)
-- 6th - 0.63 (2.58)
- Wheelbase 108.0” 108.0”
- Track 58.5" f, 58.5 r 59.5” x 58.5”
- Width 71.7“ 72.7”
- Length 181.4” 181.4”
- Height 47.5” 48.5”
- Ground Clearance 2.5” 3.5”- 4.5”
- Curb Weight 3,240 lbs 3,150 lbs (est.)
- Weight Distribution 52%/49% 52%/48% (est.)
- Fuel Capacity 22 gal 17 gal fuel cell
- Oil Capacity 5 qt 9 qt


- Front 11.75” ventilated disc 6-Piston calipers, 14”x1.25” ventilated disc
- Rear 10.5 disc 6-Piston calipers, 14”x1.25” ventilated disc
Wheels & Tires    
- Wheels Front 15”x8” magnesium 19”x10” 3-Piece aluminum racing
- Wheels Rear 15”x8” magnesium 19”x10.5” 3-Piece aluminum racing
- Tires Front 5.00/11.5-15 295/30R-19 Max-performance or track tires
- Tires Rear 6.00/12.30-15 305/30R-19 Max-performance or track tires
Body Stamped steel Stamped steel
Aerodynamic Aids    
- Front Air dam Air dam
- Rear Rear deck spoiler Rear deck spoiler


Built By The Best
Celebrated Car Builder, Kenny Brown

Kenny Brown Teaches Race Car Setup and Track Strategies

KENNY BROWN is a well-respected 40 year veteran of the racing and automotive industries. His background includes engineering, building, developing and managing national championship-winning Mustangs; along with hundreds of well-balanced, exhilarating track day and performance street cars. 

Brown has evolved as a "forward-thinking" new product innovator and evolutionary leader in motorsports and the high-performance aftermarket.  His latest example is his innovative Mark-V Performance/Racing Platform.  The crown jewel for his Heritage Series Race and Street cars along with his GT4 Series Mustangs, The Mark V Platform features his cutting-edge, Trans Am race-inspired Kenny Brown Advanced Geometry Suspension System (AGS-5) making Kenny Brown performance cars drive like champions they are. 

Kenny Brown Cars are legendary.  Customers and editors alike rave about Kenny’s cars, stating that he builds the best driving, best stopping and best handling sports cars and track cars that they have ever driven. He focuses exclusively on delivering a superior driving experience for his customers. 

It's his unique performance philosophy of building a true Driver's car starting with a solid performance foundation to support the power and driver's driving style.  Whether its spirited driving around town, carving through canyon roads, kicking butt at track days or racing hard door-to-door – you won't find a better balanced, more exhilarating, fun car to drive, than one that Kenny has worked his special magic on.

Build Your Dream Car with Kenny Brown Heritage Spec Racers and Muscle Cars