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Kenny Brown has been deeply involved in the automotive industry for nearly 40 years now with the majority of that time being devoted to the pursuit of his passion for racing and high-performance cars. His background encompasses virtually all aspects of the automotive and motorsports industries, from engineering and building to testing and developing high-performance and race cars.  

The love of motorsports has always carried a high level of priority with Kenny Brown. His career encompasses many years of club and professional racing, including national-level competition, driving and tech inspector licenses and a stint with the Skip Barber Racing School. 

Kenny’s experience includes an endless array of successful racing and high-performance automobile programs. Starting in 1970, his early racing experiences encompassed the full gambit of successful open-wheel cars for customer’s including Formula-Vee, Formula Ford, Super-Vee, and Formula Atlantic as well as high-end sports cars.

In the mid-80s Kenny was the US agent for the UK-based March S2000 sports car providing customers with vehicle builds, engineering, testing and track support.

The year 1986 saw a shift from pure purpose-built racecars to production based cars when he joined forces with a little known California Mustang tuner by the name of Steve Saleen. Kenny’s task was simple, take the Saleen Mustang and make it a winner.

In the development year of 1986 the Kenny Brown engineered Saleen Mustangs finished the season as runner-up to Porsche in the Escort Endurance Series plus a win in the 24 Hours of Canada at Mosport.

In 1987 the Kenny Brown re-engineered Saleen Mustangs were on the pole 57-percent of the time, led more laps than any other team, and won 71-percent of the races, making a clean sweep of all four Championship categories in the Escort Series. With his mission accomplished and a bit burned-out on racing Kenny chose to pursue other business opportunities after the 1987 Championship season.

With the solid foundation of many years of successful racing, Kenny Brown Performance has risen to a pinnacle position in the high-performance aftermarket. 

Kenny’s innovative and forward-looking vision and innate engineering talent have spawned a multitude of market-moving performance products and a ton of kick-ass cars.

Kenny Brown Mustangs and Cobras have become legendary for their performance, balance, control and driver confidence and the consummate favorites for open-track enthusiasts. Kenny’s constant attention to detail, commitment to results and his willingness to work with his customers both on and off the track solidifies Kenny Brown Performance as an industry leader.

If you have racing or high-performance driving desires, you can benefit immensely from all this experience, focus on results and commitment to customers. Remember there is no substitute for experience, and Kenny has the experience.


  • Paul Brown, tied with Parnelli Jones with the most wins in a BOSS Mustang
  • Bob Bondurant
  • Lisa Caceres (Multiple Podiums)
  • Price Cobb
  • Bill Cooper    
  • Rob Fellows (Podium)
  • George Follmer
  • Pete Halsmer (Multiple Podiums)
  • Lyn St. James    
  • Parnelli Jones
  • Robert Lappalainen
  • Tommy Kendall
  • Danny May (Podium)    
  • Danny McKeever (Podium)
  • Skeeter McKitterick (Podium)
  • Scott Pruett (Multiple Podiums)
  • Steve Saleen (Multiple Poles, Podiums, 4-Championships)
  • Rick Titus (Multiple Podiums, Drivers Championship)
  • Desire Wilson (Multiple, Poles, Podiums)
  • ________________________ (Pole, Podium, Championship ???)