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Kenny builds cars, that's what he does first and foremost. What comes from that is a host of street, track, and race-proven components that any Mustang owner can purchase. Want to build the car yourself? Kenny can supply almost everything you need for that too. Want to have a custom and bespoke Mustang built for you, Kenny can certainly do that also!

In this video, Kenny showcases his famed "Marilyn", an S550 Mustang that's designed to turn some heads and fast laps, of course.

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Power to Weight is all the talk when it comes to racing, but how important is it when your car can't capitalize on the power and torque of the engine? That's where grip, handing, suspension geometry, and chassis come into play.

In this tech video, Kenny explains why the performance platform trumps big power and how to apply the philosophy to basic V6 Mustangs all the way to modified Shelby GT500 and kick ass on track.

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