Kenny Shares The Story Behind His Famous Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Marauder Hot Rods

Sometimes things happen by accident or maybe come from a higher power. In the case of Kenny's famous Panther S and Marauder S hot-rod sedans, it's probably a little bit of both. So how did a Mustang race car builder and tuner end up producing some of the most memorable 4-door "family" cars in history?

It all started with some over-zealous magazine editors, a little bit of money, a company that up-fitted police cars with all the "Standard Issue Police Car Stuff that we played with often", a whole lot of help from inspired ford engineers, and Kenny's promise to build something that was worthy of a photoshoot in front of Detroit's nostalgic Kress Lounge.

They wanted a "Boulevard Bruiser" and that's what they got! One editor referred to it as the "Samuel L Jackson Memorial Pipe Swinging Arrest Me Machine". That's a lot to fit in one sentence, but I'm sure you understand.

Some say this is the car that inspired the Mercury Marauder, and we're fairly sure it was. Then Kenny went on to take that car and turn it into a home run with a supercharged version that would lay waste to anything the Big 3 had in the form of a 2-door "muscle" car off the showroom floor.