Kenny Talks About his Hot Rod Ford Explorers, Expeditions, Lincoln Aviators and a Windstar Minivan

Kenny built literally a few hundred Hot Rod Sport Utility Vehicles and arguably his Ford Explorer GTS edition is the most popular of them all. In the days of V8 pushrod engines and early modular motors the potential was unlimited in terms of reliable power and Kenny capitalized on that for sure.

Unlike other tuner trucks and SUV back in the day, Kenny did things his way, not just adding power but also adding handling, braking, wheels, tires and other creature comforts to give you a true sports car feel without compromise.

In this historical video, Kenny gives you a little insight into these custom creations. While the supercharged Explorer GTS may have been the SUV of choice among his discerning customer base, other superstars like the Lincoln Aviator and Windstar minivan proved that anything could be cooked up with the right ingredients and the help of other industry icons like Alpine Electronics or even apparel icons like Avirex.