Customer Spotlight: Brian Grennell and his 2008 Kenny Brown-equipped Roush 427R Mustang

Brian Grennell 2008 Kenny Brown Equipped Roush 427R Mustang
Brian Grennell 2008 Kenny Brown-equipped Roush 427R MustangKenny Brown has always been the one-stop shop for Roush, Saleen, and Shelby owners who want to venture outside that OEM-envelope of dealership specialty production cars. Brian is a perfect example of a Roush Owner who wanted to take his car to the next level. 

Brian Grennell, a Spokane, WA native, competitively raced karts up and down the west coast in his younger years, so he’s familiar with racing on an open circuit.
He drove his 2008 Roush 427R Mustang on track the first time just over a year ago and after gaining some speed and seat time, it was quickly apparent that he wanted to do more track events. Brian knew he needed to start upgrading his car for track, so he started focusing on the weaknesses of Chassis, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tires.

Brian is a huge fan of the 2005–2009 Mustang body style, resembling the original pony car, and for years the Roush 427 Mustang was an inspirational purchase. After a lot of searching he found an example of the car that met his scrutiny, a pristine white with contrasting blue stripe 427R in Las Vegas, NV and quickly found himself on a one-way flight to Vegas.

He never really thought about taking the car to the track when he purchased it, but a trip to Spokane’s 2.3-mile road course changed his mind, or maybe just got him hooked enough to want more. It’s only a matter of time before the modification process begins after this, as we all well know, and Brian soon reached out to Kenny for help and advice.

Brian registered for Kenny’s 16-week Speed Therapy Academy, a  virtual  immersion learning program that teaches the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics and how to take the knowledge learned from the program to fine-tune your personal driving experience. Armed with the knowledge of car preparation, set-up, tuning, driving and troubleshooting he was now well on his way and with Kenny’s help had a plan.
Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Advanced Geometry Suspension System Brian Grennell 2008 Mustang

Soon after, he installed 
the AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit for better handling and control, a great segway to help balance the car and improve rear suspension geometry. He’s also added Kenny’s Front Brake Duct Cooling Kit to help maximize stopping powerNow, and much like a kid circling their favorite toys out of a vintage Sears catalog, Brian has more plans for the car including Kenny’s Rear Diffuser, a GT4 Rear Wingand advanced cooling to support his supercharged engine in open-track conditions 

Brian Grennell 2012 Ford RaptorWhile Brian’s Mustangsnoozes the winter away, his 2012 Ford Raptor comes out to play, and serves well doubling as a snowplow, but he’s also gotone of Kenny’s favorite fast pickups in his stable, a second-generation Ford Lightning proving Brian bleeds Ford blue through and through.

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