Kenny Talks Tech on Tire Sizes

When it comes to tires there's been a major shift in the market as each new model year goes bigger in diameter, the range of 18-inch and 17-inch tires gets smaller in terms of height and width options. At the same time options for 19-inch and 20-inch tires get bigger and wider, but what's the best option for you?

In this video, Kenny explains his general rule of 20-inch for show, 19-inch for street and open track, and 18-inch for heavy track and racing.

The simple fact is you can't buy 19-inch race slicks, but you can buy really expensive racing rain tires like the Pirelli Trofeo that are used in the Ferrari and Lamborghini racing series. You can also buy good DOT race-inspired tires from other companies like Michelin who, like Pirelli, are the major suppliers for all the top-rated sports cars in the world today. These are track-acceptable tires that go a long way to bridging the gap between race slicks.

18-inch tires are the only option when it comes to a pure racing tire whether it's a DOT-rated tire or a full slick. That's what the manufacturers make, that's what the race series across the country requires, and it's not going to change anytime soon! The good news is you can find almost any required height and width you need, with a wide range of available compounds, and even options for the rain.