Caster Plus Upper Strut Mount Kit for 1994-2004 Mustang and Cobra

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Caster Plus Upper Strut Mount Kit

More Caster - More Value - Less Money!

  • Fixed Caster design offers more caster than any other caster plate
  • Maximum caster improves directional and high-speed stability
  • Improves camber gain for uncompromising grip
  • Dramatically improves cornering, handling and "road feel"
  • Fully adjustable camber with improved caster angle

The Kenny Brown Caster Plus Upper Strut Mount Kit keeps your car pointed in the right direction whether you’re blasting down the straights, turning hard into the apex, powering out of the corner exit or heading home from work - without the noise, hassle or high cost of other common strut mounts kits. Kenny’s design relocates the upper strut mounting point for maximum caster while providing the full range of camber adjustment enhancing the front camber curve and totally changing the dynamics of the front suspension. Dramatically improving cornering ability, high-speed and directional stability, while providing sharp cornering ability by maximizing the "foot print" of the tire under all demands.