Heavy-Duty Tubular K-Member 1996-2004 Mustang and SVT Cobra

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Strongest, Best Engineered, “Bolt-In” K-Member Available in the Market! Designed for use Exclusively with the Kenny Brown Front Lower Control Arms and Coil-Over Front Stuts.

Kenny Brown Tubular K-Member for '89-'04 Mustang/Cobra optimizes Kenny's “fixed strut” advanced geometry suspension design for superior handling, grip, and braking with a European sports car performance feel.

Extends the wheelbase forward by one inch improving weight distribution, roll center envelope, camber gain, toe curve greatly improving balance and handling performance.  Heavy-duty, lightweight design reduces overall weight by 40# pounds over factory for better vehicle stability. 

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Kenny Brown Tubular Front Lower Control Arms and coil-over strut/shock package. The entire assembly is manufactured from high-grade steel, finished in a durable powder coating, and includes all required hardware.

  • Not Designed for use with Factory or Other Aftermarket Control Arms
  • Requires Coil-Over Front Struts
  • Adds 1" to wheel base for incredible balance, steering, grip and braking
  • Lightweight, strong design reduces weight by 40 lbs. for better vehicle balance
  • Increased anti-dive for better braking performance
  • Stabilizes camber curve in cornering
  • Reduced roll center migration in cornering
  • Maximizes tire contact patch to maximize grip
  • Rugged, Competition-proven for street, open track or race

Application: KB.141.202 '96-'04 SN95 Mustang GT, V6, Cobra, KB.131.202 FOX '89-'95 Mustang GT, V6

Good to Know: 

1) The K-member is exclusively designed to be used in conjunction with Kenny Brown Front Control Arms (KB.141.201) along with Coil-over Strut/Spring Package.

2) '96-'04 4.6L Cobras need Oil Filter Relocation Kit (KB.145.255) 

3) Please call with questions, technical support, or to custom-build to your specific application.