Kenny's Trackside Tire Data Kit

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Kenny's Ultimate Trackside Tire Data Kit!

Kit Includes:

  • Joe's Racing Deluxe Tire Pyrometer
  • Joe's Racing Glow In The Dark Tire Gauge 0-60psi
  • Kenny Brown branded clip board
  • Kenny Brown Tire Temperature and Pressure Data Log Tablet
  • Large Carrying case with room for equipment

JOES Racing Pyrometer covered with a rubber boot, oversize numbers with backlight display, and automatic shut off. 90 degree probe is compact to get into the fender well with ease, and the probe tip is adjustable. Max hold feature records the highest number, user selectable C or F, includes a padded case.

JOES 2-1/2" glow in the dark dial face with air pressure release button, internal gauge damper, 17" ultra-flexable hose, chrome angle chuck with swivel fitting, and optional ball chuck. The hold valve stores the pressure in the gauge until you release the pressure for easier viewing.

Durable Kenny Brown clip board with Kenny's easy to use tire temperature and pressure data sheets.  All the information you need for your log book can be stored on these pre-designed data sheets.  This is also perfect for racers who want to log all their data and create optimized set up records for the race tracks you typically run at.

Large carryting case to protect tools and keep your equipment dry.

KB-Tire-Data-Kit for all applications