14-inch Front Extreme Plus Brake System for 1979-2004 Mustang
Baer Optional R-Spec Rotors
Baer 6P Caliper Aqua Velvet
Baer 6P Caliper Arizona Copper
Baer 6P Caliper Artic White
Baer 6P Caliper Aztec Gold
Baer 6P Caliper Black Ice
Baer 6P Caliper Black
Baer 6P Caliper Blue Ice
Baer 6P Caliper Bubble Gum Pink
Baer 6P Caliper Canary Yellow
Baer 6P Caliper Chrome Powder Coat
Baer 6P Caliper Competition Yellow
Baer 6P Caliper Fairway Green
Baer 6P Caliper Fire Red
Baer 6P Caliper Grabber Blue
Baer 6P Caliper Graphite Grey
Baer 6P Caliper Hugger Orange
Baer 6P Caliper Matte Black
Baer 6P Caliper Modern Bronze
Baer 6P Caliper Monster Green
Baer 6P Caliper Nickel
Baer 6P Caliper Olympic Gold
Baer 6P Caliper Polished
Baer 6P Caliper Purple Haze
Baer 6P Caliper Red
Baer 6P Caliper Sea Breeze Green
Baer 6P Caliper Silver
Baer 6P Caliper Sparkling Berry
Baer 6P Caliper Steel Blue
Baer 6P Caliper Vista Blue

14-inch FRONT Extreme Plus Brake System For 1979-2004 Mustang

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This front extreme plus brake system comes standard with the monoblock 6-piston, 6S caliper mounted to a 14-inch two-piece slot, drill, and can be upgraded to either the XTR caliper and/or a 15-inch two-piece rotor.

Both the 6S and XTR calipers have dust and weather seals and use the popular D1247 pad type. Rotors are pre-assembled with NAS high-grade stainless hardware.

All mounting brackets, stainless braided hoses, and hardware are also included. The 14-inch Extreme Plus fits most 18-inch or larger wheels and the 15-inch fits most 19-inch or larger wheels.

Rotor Size/Type:

14 x1.25-inches, 2-piece Standard
15 x 1.25-inches, 2-piece Optional

Replacement Rotor Rings:

14-inch - 6910264(Left) /6920264(Right)
15-inch 6910312(Left) /6920312((Right)

Caliper/Piston Count/Mount Type:

6S Monoblock 6-piston / Radial - Standard
XTR Monoblock 6-piston / Radial - Optional

Minimum Wheel Size:

18-inches (Use the template to verify fitment)

Template- download pdf file here

Instructions - download pdf file here
Rotor Rotation Guide - download pdf file here

System Includes: Calipers, Brake pads, Rotor, Hat assemblies, Brackets, Stainless braided brake hose mounting hardware


  • Designed to be used with 1994-2004 SN95 Mustang spindles and hubs
  • A master cylinder upgrade is recommended on 1979-93 Fox Mustang cars


  • 1994-2004 Mustang (SN95) with OE spindles and hubs
  • 1979-1993 Mustang (Fox) with 1994-2004 SN95 spindles and hubs

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. P65Warnings.CA.Gov/Product

Prop 65 Warning for California Residents