3-inch Universal Brake Duct Inlet and Silicone Hose Kit

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Kenny Brown 3-inch Universal Brake Duct Inlet and Silicone Brake Cooling Hose Kit

Kenny Brown 3-inch Brake Duct Inlets and Silicone Cooling Hose Ducting Kits are professional grade for professional performance!

The pre-engineered kit offers you the ability to retrofit the supplied naca-style racing duct to the front bumper assembly, in most cases capitalizing on existing openings in the bumper.

Racers have a bit more flexibility, but you can rest assured the components in the kit are racing quality and engineered to withstand the rigors of both street and open-track. Designed to be used with spindle-mount Kenny Brown Brake Ducts KB-71200 or KB-71600.

  • Includes two universal bumper-mount brake duct inlets
  • 3” x 10' Long Silicone high temp aircraft hose
  • Red Silicone hose -- 700+ degrees F
  • Designed to be used with KB Spindle-Mount Brake Ducts KB-71200 or KB-71600
  • Everything you need is supplied in the kit