Baer EradiSpeed+ FRONT Rotors for 2007-2012 GT500 and Boss 302 with 14-inch Brembo

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Baer EradiSpeed+ Front Rotors for 2007-2012 GT500 and Boss 302 with 14-inch Brembo brakes

  • 14-inch slotted (no cross-drill) front rotors
  • Designed to replace factory GT500 14-inch rotors
  • Improves brake torque and performance
  • High silicon content iron castings
  • Cast with additional mass for better heat absorption
  • Curved/directional vanes maximize airflow and cooling
  • Silver zink chromate plated to resist corrosion

Standard equipment on most Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustangs.

EradiSpeed™ rotors feature premium high silicon content iron castings. Rotor plates or outer rotor surfaces are cast with additional mass to absorb additional heat.

Internal curved and directional vanes maximize airflow and cooling. Externally slotting and drilling alleviates friction losses from pad outgassing and a zinc chromate surface finish resists rust.

Counter rotational application of slots and holes further resists pad transfer and balance issues associated with patterns that run in the conventional direction of rotation.

Each gas relief hole drilled in an EradiSpeed rotor is located directly behind an internal vane and chamfered appropriately. These details coupled with Baer’s material selection virtually eliminate durability concerns associated with drilling mere mortal rotors.

7261218 Fits 2005-2012 GT500 and Boss 302 with 14-inch brake option (Does Not Fit 2013 GT500)