Caster Plus Upper Strut Mount Kit for 1979-1993 Mustang and Cobra

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Caster Plus Upper Strut Mount Kit

Kenny Brown Caster Plus™ is an absolute must for lowered 1979-1993 Mustangs for maximum performance, handling, grip, and reduced tire wear.  Caster Plus™ Fixed Castor gives you the maximum caster available, more than other caster/camber plates, and as you know Kenny loves caster in his Mustangs.  Urethane bushings give you smooth quiet operation, unlike spherical bearings that can rattle and be noisy. Lowering your mustang changes the factory alignment, a change that can lead to premature tire wear as well as reduced grip and handling.  Camber Adjustable Caster Plus gives you the ability to adjust your alignment for maximum performance for street or track.

  • More Caster- Less Bucks
  • Caster Plus™ Fixed Castor gives you the maximum caster available and as you know Kenny loves caster in his Mustangs
  • Gives a full range of Camber adjustability
  • Improves handling and tire wear on the street
  • Maximizes cornering grip on the street and at the track
  • Main plate is laser-cut from high-grade steel.
  • Urethane top bushings for smooth noise-free operation  
  • Made in Indianapolis USA
  • Coated in Kenny’s signature powder coat finish
  • Nut Plate zinc plated

Kenny Brown Speed Secret - Street/Track Alignment

Switching your alignment from street to track and back again can be a pain and expensive. What I do is align my Mustang for performance street with between -1.0⁰ and -1.25⁰, negative camber, all the casters you can get is already in Caster Plus, and 1/16” or -.25-.30 Toe OUT.  Then I mark the plate with a Sharpie at the bolt center lines. 

When I'm at the track, I loosen the camber and drop the top of the strut in to maximize the negative camber; then I set my Mustang tire pressure around 34 psi front and 29 psi rear.  From there, I use tire temps to adjust the camber for that specific track for optimum handling. (Read the article I wrote on optimizing your track experience by reading tire temperatures and adjusting tire pressure  Setting Tire Pressures for the Track).

At the end of the weekend, I reset the tire pressure for street pressure, loosen the camber bolts, then pull the strut out and match the bolts up to the street alignment marks that I marked on the plate.  Save money and time. No return trip to the alignment shop needed!