K-Link Option Two

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OPTION TWO - Upgrade Your Existing Rear Grip Kit AGS 4.0 to K-Link AGS 4.5 Module System

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Kenny Brown’s New K-Link Rear Suspension Module moves beyond the old “Panhard Bar vs. Watts Link” debate.

The K-Link provides the lateral location benefits of a Watts Link with even more grip than a Panhard Bar. The result is quicker turn-in, solid mid-corner grip and more forward bite - before and after the apex - for higher corner exit speeds and lower lap times. On the street, it gives you unparalleled rear grip and control in the twistiest of turns.


  • K-Link Zero-Roll Axle Control Module
  • Complimentary 15-minute Consult with Kenny

NOTE: The Kenny Brown K-Link rear suspension module creates a tremendous amount of rear grip. To balance your car for maximum performance requires a significant increase in the rear spring rate. Please schedule a complimentary 15-minute Consult with Kenny to get your S197 Mustang set-up with the correct springs and shocks. Call 317.396.2768 or click here to schedule your appointment.