K-LINK REAR Live-Axle Lateral Control Module
K-Link Rear Suspension Module
Kenny Brown K-Link Module
K-Link Rear Suspension Module (Close-Up)
K-Link Rear Suspension Kenny Brown Performance
Kenny Brown K-Link Rear Suspension Module (Installed)
K-Link Installed (Close-Up)
Kenny Brown K-Link
Kenny Brown K-Link Rear Suspension Module

K-LINK REAR Live-Axle Lateral Control Module

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Upgrade Your Existing Rear Grip Kit AGS 4.0 to K-Link AGS 4.5 Module System

Kenny Brown’s New K-Link Rear Suspension Module (Patent #11505027moves beyond the old “Panhard Bar vs. Watts Link” debate. The K-Link provides the lateral location benefits of a Watts Link with even more grip than a Panhard Bar. The result is quicker turn-in, solid mid-corner grip and more forward bite - before and after the apex - for higher corner exit speeds and lower lap times. On the street, it gives you unparalleled rear grip and control in the twistiest of turns.


  • K-Link Zero-Roll Axle Control Module
  • Complimentary 15-minute Consult with Kenny

NOTE: The Kenny Brown K-Link rear suspension module creates a tremendous amount of rear grip. To balance your car for maximum performance requires a significant increase in the rear spring rate.

Please schedule a complimentary 15-minute Consult with Kenny to get your S197 Mustang set up with the correct springs and shocks. Call 317.396.2768 or click here to schedule your appointment.

This product is protected under the following US Patent: #11505027

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