Rear Camber Arm for Ford Mustang
Mustang Rear Camber Arm
Mustang Rear Camber Arm (Illustration of Installed Product)

Mustang Rear Camber Arm

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Add a little horsepower, use grippy tires, launch hard, and take a corner at 1.5 G's. You need an adjustable rear control arm to optimize your tire contact by adjusting your camber. Be confident your arm is proven and reliable for the >1,000 pounds of force that it will be loaded with over and over again as you put your Mustang to the test.

Designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in Colorado, SPC’s forged aluminum link will provide; -2 to +3 degrees of camber adjustment, reduced weight vs the OE arm, and exceed its strength.

SPC's adjustable arm features high rate rubber bushings to maintain OE noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and has a 1.5-inch hexed eccentric insert at the knuckle end of the arm to easily adjust the camber without removing the tire.

All hardware is included and features a hex chromate-free finish (certified to 700-hour salt spray test standards) for rust-free long life.

Rear Adjustment range:

  • Camber -2.0° to +3.0°
  • Installation time: .7 hr/side
  • Required: 1 kit per wheel

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